Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brown Bag Tour or Sand Bag Bore

Scott Walker is still going around the state doing the whole brown bag shtick, even though it's common knowledge that it's just a rehashed gimmick from Ohio.

But there are some nagging questions that has been bothering me for a while.

His campaign team has been tweeting this stuff ad nauseum, and all the pictures look the same. A handful of people sitting there looking bored, as exemplified in this news video his campaign is now touting.

No one is nodding their heads and all of them are sitting stiff as boards.

I've been in enough mandatory meetings to recognize the body language.

The questions that have been nagging at me are these:
  • Are these companies that Walker appears at making these events mandatory or if they are voluntary?
  • If they are mandatory, does that violate any kind of work rule?
  • Does that violate any kind of election rules, mandating that someone attend a political event?
  • Are they at least feeding these poor people, so that their time isn't completely wasted?


  1. In looking at the report, I didn't see anyone eating, and the brown bags looked unused. So, like the brown bag gimmick itself, it's a charade. Maybe when the campaign has expired, Frontier Airlines can buy them at a massive discount from the Walker campaign. Perhaps that's the best way to use them.

  2. Unfortunately, Mandatory Vapidity has not been outlawed by OSHA. It's not illegal in private workplaces to subject workers to photo ops. Mark Green raised them to the level of art. Walker justs plods on regardless.