Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Redistricting Carried Away?

Scott Walker was on Faux Business channel last week, presumably to promote his "job growth program" and saving money in Milwaukee County. As one might have expected, it was mostly his empty campaign rhetoric, all of which has already been refuted here or other sites.

However, there were a couple of noticeable exceptions. For one, apparently neither the crew at Faux News or Scott Walker are familiar with Milwaukee County:

Racine is in Milwaukee County? No wonder Peggy West had her unfortunate gaffe a couple of weeks ago. She has a county executive that isn't even familiar with his own county. To be fair to Walker though, it's easy to understand why he got confused. He's been kissing up to Waukesha County for years, so he is probably unaware of where he is.

(I'm sure that the right wingers will take this one viral, just like they did for Ms. West.) (Yeah, right.)

The other interesting tidbit comes later when they were talking about the Bucyrus issue. Walker admitted that his ad was nothing more than a political stunt, but we already knew that.

However, Walker was indicating that his campaign ad in a paper, which President Obama probably never read, influenced a decision which was made hours before the ad ran. Funny thing is, not even Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan indicated that Walker had anything to do with it at all.


  1. Ok, I realize you probably did not listen to the interview. The interviewer asked about Racine and Walker gave a standard stump speech. In this type of interview, you just go with what was asked and not debate such a small detail.
    Hardly in the same catagory of the mentally challenged West.

  2. I did listen. I could also easily tell that the questions were given to Walker in advance, which actually makes it worse. Either he was fine with misleading people, or he really didn't know. Which way do you think he went?

  3. Help me out here. Where, exactly, did either of them say that Racine is in Milwaukee county?

  4. They were talking about how Walker supposedly saved tax payers money in Milwaukee County, then Willis asks Walker about the issues "you've been having in Racine."

  5. Again, nowhere was a claim made that Racine is in Milwaukee county. In the context of the clip provided, it is clear Walker is commenting on Obama's visit to Racine, and seeing as he is running for governor of the state, he is speaking in state-wide terms. If he wants to be the next governor of the state (and he does), it's important for him to know what's going on throughout the state. This clip demonstrates he has a clear grasp of state issues.

  6. lol, poor capper. He said what he was doing with racine, refuting the pres comments from racine the other day.

    Facts are so hard for you to understand.

  7. Again, they go from talking about Milwaukee County to Racine with no segue to indicate a change in topics.

    And if you think he has a clear concept of what's going on, he doesn't even know what's happening in his own county.