Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Plale In Trouble?

Bruce Murphy thinks he might be:
Larson looks like a much stronger challenger. He has experience and name recognition as a county supervisor, he’s a young fresh face with South Side credentials (grew up in Greenfield, attended Thomas More High School), and he’s a physically fit bundle of energy who has run several marathons and is aggressively doing doors. “There’s no doubt it’s a real race,” Plale concedes.
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  1. You and Bruce are equally brilliant.

    Plale is the endorsed candidate of WEAC. Do you really think you are going to overcome that in a lib primary?

    You should know by now that people don't vote in Democrat primaries; union-directed drones do.

    I realize you are just an obsessed Walker-hating hack, but Walker’s successor will handily win his primary and sail to reelection.

    My guess: 68% for Plale, maybe higher.

  2. Walker wasn't even mentioned in this post, but you felt compelled to bring him up. Why?

    As for endorsements, Larson is picking up some key unions himself. Funny thing is, the unions never told me who I had to vote for. Just more right wing lies and propaganda.

  3. *snif* I wish my union would give me right wing lies and propaganda.

    Guess I'd need a union first, though... hmm.

    Capper, get me a union!

  4. You already have a union, with President Rosenzweig and Vice President Ellison.