Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walker Is No Statesman

I thought that Scott Walker had hit the top of the egomaniac mountain on Memorial Day when he chose to not honor the brave men and women who gave their lives to defend ours, but instead chose it to honor his own ego, as grumps pointed out:

But one candidate for Governor chose to make his press release on the day after Memorial Day to show us where his head was on the day of remembrance. Rather than keep quiet and honor the dead or speak up and offer a tribute to them Scott Walker chose to celebrate something else entirely.
Over 75 volunteers visited 40 parades across Wisconsin on Monday. The
volunteers delivered over 40,000 Scott Walker brown bags with the phrase “I have to brown bag it to pay Wisconsin’s taxes",
So it was more important to Walker that his followers had handed out 40,000 recycled paper bags with his recycled message than it was for him to take one day away from campaigning and just be a grateful American. No message of gratitude or remembrance, no honor or grace; just the same-old, same-old tin-ear, graceless Walker puffing out a quick, "Look at me!" on a day set aside to celebrate others.

But not know any shame or tact, Walker makes his Memorial Day gaffe almost look acceptable this past weekend.

After the tragic incident last Thursday, Walker went off the radar. No tweets. No Facebook. Nothing. It was enough to make the Recess Supervisor invent the new game of "Where's Walker?"

Was he working on damage control from the incident? Was he finally showing concern for someone besides himself by maintaining a respectful silence? Was he working diligently to make sure no one else was hurt or killed by his doings, or lack thereof?

No. None of these.

He was out celebrating himself again. Not only that, he actually compiled it with his Memorial Day gaffe:
Fourth of July Weekend will be the latest in a series of efforts demonstrating Scott Walker’s support among grassroots activists. On June 26th, the Walker campaign worked with the Republican Party of Wisconsin to make 41,894 phone calls and knock on 4,584 doors in just twelve hours. On Memorial Day, Walker volunteers distributed 40,000 brown bags at 40 parades around the state.
Nice way to show respect or take responsibility. Oh wait, those are foreign words to Walker.

The only ones he can relate to are egomania and Narcissism.


  1. Do you ever post items that don't involve Scott Walker?

  2. Laughable. You quote a blog that points out other politicans that issued press releases honoring memorial day and then tried to declare Walker never did...

    Interesting how reality is so far removed from the looney left when he did send out a presser on the 27th, ahead of memorial day.

  3. You're absolutely correct, Anonymous. I've even written another post pointing out my omission. Keep the tips coming.

  4. Admitting an error, a first that I have seen. Good for you.