Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Really Was a Sermon She Needed to Hear

Last week, Krysta Sutterfield decided to go to the Unitarian church in Brookfield. However, unlike every other churchgoer that day, she decided to attend the service while having a loaded 9mm Glock on her side.

I wonder if that was her Sunday-going-to-church Glock.

Parishioners were understandably shook up by the stunt and called police. By the time the police arrived, she was already leaving, but police caught up to her and gave her a citation for illegally transporting the weapon.

There are more than a few oddities and ironies regarding the story:
  • The article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel names the gun woman, but the TV report from the sister TV station, TMJ4, refused to name the woman.
  • In the TV report, she said she simply wanted to hear the sermon, and maybe generate some discussion. In the paper, the woman referred the reporter to her lawyer, who would not comment on motive.
  • The service was about "civil rights and civility." If there was ever a sermon she needed to hear, this was it. It's a shame that she apparently didn't internalize anything from that sermon.
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