Monday, July 26, 2010

Furlough The Thirteenth

I was so busy today, I forgot to mention that today is furlough day number 13.

As with the previous twelve, this means that Scott Walker has squandered another $700 of revenue, for a total of $9,100 for the year so far.

But that is not the most significant about this furlough day.

What makes it more interesting is that not every county worker has to take the 22 days that I do. Many stop at twelve days. And I'm not referring to the ones in other unions, like the ones that the County was willing to negotiate with. I am referring to other workers in the same union, and even in the same local.

This violates labor laws and the contract, which specify that the county cannot treat workers from the same union differently.

The union, of course, is fighting this violation of the law. If successful in their arguments, it will be up to the arbitrator (presuming it goes that far) as to what the remedy is. Based on the indefinite reduced work week that Walker tried to pull that year, that means the county will have to reimburse me, and all the other workers that take more than twelve days of furlough for the lost time.

I'm not saying this to boast. I'd rather be working. But the tax payers should be aware of what Walker's grandstanding and political game playing could end up costing them.

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