Friday, July 23, 2010

Flooded Furlough Friday

Just a quick note to point out that today is my twelfth furlough day. It's not so bad since the OT projects are still going on for those that want to participate.

The tax payers are the ones that are really losing out on Scott Walker's phony posturing as being fiscally conservative. Not only is it costing tax payers another $700 of their tax dollars not going for services ($8400 for the year to date), but they are having to shill out extra for all of the overtime, since Walker is decimating the work force.

And just imagine, he wants to do the same as governor, just in a grander scale.

We really can't keep affording his political aspirations anymore.


  1. this is literally a flooded furlough day for us state employes, as the state office building was knocked out of commission. this is in addition to the needless furlough days for unemployment insurance workers- since we're paid from federal funds, no state money is saved. scott walker has said that as governor he doesn't want to furlough people if it doesn't save money. should we believe him?

  2. In a word, no.

    Walker laid off all of the firefighters at the airport, even though not one dime of taxpayer money, on any level, went to their salaries.

    Regarding furloughs, Walker is just like Doyle, but three times worse.

  3. If you want overtime, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, etc. are working as nursing assistants at mental health, to cover for aides on furlough. Since these positions make at least twice as much per hour what an aide makes, (besides being time and a half), you can obviously see how these furlough days are saving money.

  4. Although the newspaper has been informed that the furloughs certainly can't help but add to the record backlogs in unemployment hearings, it has so far failed to mention this in covering the subject.