Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Sensenbrenner Feeling Nervous?

Representative James Sensenbrenner (R-Police State) must be feeling a tad bit nervous. Or should I say, a "Todd" bit nervous?

Having been in Congress for 32 years, Sensenbrenner is an old campaign warhorse and knows all the tricks of the trade, obviously.

However, this year it seems that his Democratic opponent, Todd Kolosso, might have him more than a wee bit nervous.

Sensenbrenner has filed a challenge to the signatures that Kolosso has filed. That in itself is nothing out of the ordinary for a politician to do, regardless of the party.

Kolosso is so confident that he sent out a press release this morning pointing out Sensenbrenner's actions:
In a sign that a Congressional seat Republicans have held for 32 years may not be safe in the current anti-incumbency climate, the Wisconsin GOP mounted a nomination paper challenge against Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s opponent, Todd Kolosso, hoping to remove him from the ballot.

“Sensenbrenner’s camp can try using political shenanigans to knock me off the ballot, but it’s not going to work,” said Kolosso. “I have the signatures. I’m in this for long run, and I know I can win. Apparently the Congressman agrees.”
My good friend, and beaming new father, Jason Haas, points out that for Sensenbrenner's challenge to be successful, they would have to eliminate almost 200 signatures. Unless Kolosso's campaign is totally incompetent, that seems unlikely. Jason also points out that Sensenbrenner also has an opponent running as an Independent, but he has nothing towards this person's campaign, making it seem even more so that Sensenbrenner is nervous about Kolosso.

Driving this point home even further, is Kolosso's response to the GAB, as written by his attorney, Michael Maistelman, regarding this challenge. Sensenbrenner's challenge is based on things easily addressed, such as a missing date or a missing address. But the most intriguing complaint was that Sensenbrenner was arguing that signatures should be eliminated because they weren't written in perfectly legible cursive.

Really? Because he didn't like how someone signed their name? And he is supposed to be representing these people? Really?

Ah well, Sensenbrenner can look on the bright side. When he is unseated, it will give him lots of time to use up those frequent flier miles he's accrued over the years.


  1. Oh please, just get legitimate signatures and get on the ballot.

    Stop making excuses for the lazy guy.

  2. There are rules to getting on the ballot. Since Democrats don't like playing by the rules (such as blogging on county time), it is important for Republicans to keep this in check.

    Otherwise, Democrats would ruin this country.