Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Suggest A New Penalty Enhancer

Since there is a penalty enhancer for hate crimes, can we have an enhancer for crimes of stupidity?


Beloit Police responded to a reported animal cruelty investigation at the Wal-Mart parking lot, located at 2785 Milwaukee Road around 1245 hours on 07/06/2010. A concerned employee of the store was alerted to a dog left in a locked vehicle in the parking lot and called for police assistance when the employee found a dog locked in a Chevy Monte Carlo in the lot.

Police responded and found a 2 year old pit bull locked in the vehicle. It was in extreme distress inside the vehicle. The doors were locked there was not sufficient ventilation in the vehicle. The outside temperature was 86 degrees. Attempts to contact the owner or responsible party for the vehicle were unsuccessful.

Officers broke out the windows of the vehicle and attempted to rescue the animal. Rock County Animal Control responded to the scene and assisted in the recovery of the animal. The animal died at the scene. It had been left in the vehicle for nearly four hours.

Upon completing an investigation into the matter, police arrested for Felony Mistreating an Animal, Resulting in Death:

Anisha N. Butalla Female/White DOB: 12/21/1985
Wausau, WI

Butalla had reportedly left the dog in the vehicle for several hours while she was attending a court matter in Janesville. Butalla returned to the scene sometime after rescue personnel were on scene. Butalla was held in custody at the Rock County Jail pending a court appearance.

The only thing that could be said for this young woman is that at least it wasn't a baby.

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