Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's a Matter of Take and Take

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that one of the 400 teachers to receive a pink slip was Kris Barrett, wife of Mayor Tom Barrett, who is the presumed Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

It's never a good thing when people get laid off, whether it is in the private or public sector. However, as disappointed as the Barrett's might be in this turn of events, the hit probably won't affect them as much as it would most families.

But as one of the commenters at the JSOnline site put it:
It is sad to see anyone lose their job,in this difficult economy. It is refreshing to see though that Tom Barrett and his wife, Kris, did not ask for or receive any special favors. I wish her well in her job search.
In other words, the Barretts took it on the chin, without pulling the "do you know who I am" card, or trying to rig the system to how her special favors, just because she is the mayor's wife.

Compare and contrast that to one of the two Republican gubernatorial candidates, Scott Walker.

Walker decided he couldn't make it on a $80,000 a year and decided to renege on another one of this campaign promises, effectively helping himself to another $50,000 of tax payer money each year, so that he could buy a McMansion with a huge swimming pool.

While the Barretts took it on the chin, without complaint, the Walkers just took it from the tax payers.

Who do you want leading the state?


  1. What is the salary of the County Executive? Something like $130,000? So, how is he doing anything wrong by accepting his regular salary?

  2. First, he promised that he would cut his salary, but never did. Then, during a recession, as he is laying off hundreds of workers, cutting services, and putting the county in economic peril, he takes a raise. And you're OK with that?

  3. capper is back trying to peddle his inabilities as an accountant.

    To bad you couldn't take his furlough days on the chin as well as the mayor's wife...never read her complaining about it anywhere.

    On the contrary only read about capper's complaining and his inability to practice math at an elementary school level. Here is a thought, not sure the subjects the mayors wife taught in MPS, now that she is free perhaps she can provide a tutor service for you to get better skilled in simple math.

  4. I remember one of his early promises was to take less than his regular salary because he thought the county exec position was overpaid. It does set a bad example to be axing so many workers while earning more than $100,000.

  5. Mrs Barrett will be needing to find work in Madison soon anyway.