Friday, July 30, 2010

WISDems Taking Walker Fled Statewide

WISDems made a great online video highlighting Tom Barrett's leadership and contrasting it with Walker's abandoning ship last weekend.

They have now put together a scaled down version of that video and bought air time around the state to run it:

To be honest, I think it lost a lot in the paring it down. They would have been better off running a longer version more true to the original. Here is the original one:

The shorter TV version just doesn't get the significance of Walker's abandonment of Milwaukee County that would have had more impact.


  1. Wonder why the ad didn't show doyle not completing his offices version of the needed emergency paperwork, they stated milwaukee county (walkers office) had not provided them with everything. When doyle's office was corrected and told they had received everything doyle backed down and then his office completed the needed emergency paperwork.

    So the dem party is accusing walker of not being on the job, yet is was their state party leader who held up the much needed emergency paperwork to garner federal aide for the citizens of milwaukee county...while walker was waiting for THEM to finish it.

  2. Walker only turned in the paperwork when he was publicly shamed into it. But that is a common pattern of behavior for him.

    It's funny that Walker, who has a history of eschewing federal money, is now trying to kiss up to get some. He is such a liar and hypocrite.

  3. The paper work was turned in and not because he was shammed for it---you are clueless. Doyle then tried to declare he hadn't received all the paperwork...after shown his office was wrong doyle finally filled out his end of the paperwork. Again you fail to hold the left wing party accountable.

  4. Yes, we know what Walker's spin on it is. We also know that Walker is a liar.