Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Reminder: March For Truth and Justice on Wednesday

From the weekend:

From Milwaukee County First:

Like I have been repeatedly pointing out, there are many questions about the investigation of the tragedy which occurred at O’Donnell Park last month. Scott Walker has been trying to control the information getting out, once again putting his political aspirations above the public good.

Some of the concerns of the Supervisors and pro-Milwaukee citizens are outlined in a joint press release issued by Supervisors Weishan and Dimitirijevic:

“The lack of information available to us, as County Supervisors, about the O’Donnell Park parking garage tragedy and the other building inspections being performed is simply astonishing. We’re not alone. A number of our colleagues have not yet learned how this contract was awarded or the scope of the work being performed. As policymakers providing legislative oversight, we need this information. We are requesting that a complete and detailed report be presented to the Board. So far, the news media has received more information than we have as elected officials.

“We are also concerned that Graef-USA Inc, a firm that has contributed to County Executive Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign, was awarded a no bid contract. Even though a lot of the work is being subcontracted, the fact remains that County dollars are being funneled through Graef, which was one of the contractors involved in building the O’Donnell Parking garage in the first place. How can we expect them to provide unbiased reports in light of that fact?

Not only did Walker give another no bid contract to another campaign donor, but what makes it even odder is just the week before, Walker stated that Holloway’s calling for the safety inspection was “irresponsible.

Walker’s office has a long history of stalling on open records request, even with the media. Many of the articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel regarding O’Donnell Park have a paragraph indicating that they were still waiting for requested documents regarding inspections and repair schedules.

He has also been known to order his department heads to not cooperate with the County Board. But for something this serious, not only is he acting recklessly and irresponsibly, but it also makes it seem even more suspicious that things were not done in the proper fashion.

People are getting fed up with his misdirections and irresponsible actions.

Many concerned citizens as well as members of AFSCME and SEIU will be joining Supervisors John Weishan, Chris Larson and Marina Dimitirijevic for a protest march and press conference on Wednesday, July 21st.

The march will start at 4 pm on Wednesday, at SEIU Local 1, located at 250 E. Wisconsin Avenue, and proceed to O’Donnell Park, next to the orange “sunburst” statue.

Milwaukee County First will proudly join them in a call for openness and honesty from the County Executive’s office. It is well beyond time for Walker to start acting like the leader he brags that he is and come clean. These things have gone on for too long and need to stop before another avoidable tragedy occurs.


  1. Very pathetic that the unions and political hacks are using this tragedy for political gain. Actually, quite sickening.

  2. And what political gain would that be, Dan?

    Public Safety? Tax money being spent the way it was supposed to be? Justice? Oh, the horrors!

    If you were a true conservative, you would want the tax money being spent correctly instead of going to lucrative deals for campaign donors.

  3. How many candidates and of which parties in the state has this company given money to? Never mind, doesn't fit the template.

  4. Capper,

    People can see through your garbage. Either you have a very twisted way of seeing things, or you are intentionally dishonest. There is no "control of information".

    For once, do some journalism and make some calls. Pick up the phone, call Jack Takerian, the public works director, and ask away.

    The problem is that these supervisors you keep mentioning don't bother to call and use their own resources. And for that reason, their press release mistakenly stated that Graef-USA was involved in the building of the O'Donnell structure. One call, that's all. But they don't care about the truth when they can pull political stunts like the one today.

  5. I would ahve no problem with the rally but it is horrible that you would do by using the tragedy for political gain.
    Does your organization even care about the family? Did you ask the family to use their family's tragedy for political purposes?

  6. Aaron,

    Tonight's JSOnline article covering today's event again reports that Walker is withholding requested information. The DA's office reports that they are not requesting a delay on the release. That means it is being controlled.

    And why should I talk to Takerian? It is a Parks building, and under Sue Black's jurisdiction. However, Sue is never available for comment. Why is that?

    But cheer up, Aaron, I have found more inconsistencies in Walker's statements.

  7. Anonymous, how many of those candidates is running for office?

  8. Dan-

    This is a public safety issue, as well as a public accountability issue. We are not disrespecting the boy that died or his family. But this involves more than just those poor people.

  9. Capper so it only matters that donations went to current candidates? Nice consistency, when it doesn't fit your template it doesn't matter.