Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Because They Care About The People

One of the memes that the Republicans have been using is that the Democrats aren't in touch with the people they are representing.

There is a glaring example from Michigan on how goofy that sentiment really is.

Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), who is also running for governor of his state, skipped out of a vote to extend unemployment benefits. This was an important vote for the people of Michigan, which has one of the highest rates of unemployment. Whether unemployment benefits are extended would affect 90,000 people.

So why did Hoekstra skip this important meeting? Why, to attend a country club fund raiser, of course.

To heighten the irony of it all, the slogan for the evening was "On the job for Michigan."

Is it any wonder he is trailing in his primary.


  1. On the job or in the lobbyist's pocket?

  2. Oh, gee, and the Democrats don't do this. How about Obama when he was running for president.
    How how much did his vote cost- was it a one vote margain?

  3. I agree with Capper on this one. He should have been there to vote, that is to vote against it.

  4. Yes, who wants people to keep their homes or feed their families? What a waste, right, Aaron?