Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walker Lies About His Lack Of Leadership: Video At 10

Despite the lethal flooding that occurred Thursday night and the massive amount of damage that was still being tallied over the next several days, Scott Walker felt it more important to go campaigning than to take care of his constituents.

The Democrats noted this as well, and jumped all over Walker's selfishness with an online video, which I had posted Monday night.

To make Walker's self-centeredness stand out even more was the fact that he continued campaigning on Sunday, even though another person was hurt Saturday when part of the airport fell on his head, leaving a six inch gash.

WISN-TV covered Walker's lack of leadership during the crisis, and aired this report:

Pay close attention at about the 1:20 mark on the video, when Walker is trying to defend his ego-driven selfishness. Walker said:
"The bottom line is, um, do we know what is going on? Are we taking action on that? And we did it. We did it quicker than the mayor, than the governor, than anybody else on Friday. We were on top of things all day."
Really, Scott? Really? Faster than the mayor? Let's see, shall we?

On Thursday night, at the time of the actual storm and subsequent flooding, Mayor Tom Barrett was opening the Emergency Operations Center at Police District Three. By clicking here, you can find the raw footage of the press conference from WTMJ-TV announcing the emergency actions being taken and advising people to stay home and off the streets.

Now, let's see what Walker did faster than that shall we? From Walker's twitter feed:

Mmm, a routine meeting before the rain ever started, then the observation that it was flooding. The next morning, he alerted us that it was still WET!! He did not have his first press conference until Friday afternoon.

Last time I checked, Thursday night comes before Friday afternoon, at least on my calendar. Barrett was taking charge and showing leadership more than 15 hours before Walker did his first press conference.

I think that Walker owes Mayor Barrett, as well as the people of Milwaukee, a huge apology. He should be apologizing not only for lying about the mayor, but for letting his ego and his political aspirations take priority over the well being of the people of Milwaukee County and for his lack of leadership in this time of crisis.


  1. I was disgusted with Walker's self-absorbed tweets but I guess they are a good thing because they can be used to show everyone what a liar he is. Well done capper! I'm sure we'll be hearing the crickets chirping.

  2. Capper,

    You know we disagree on this issue, but just to clarify: Do you also condemn President Obama for attending a political fundraiser for CA Senator Barbara Boxer while oil spilled in the Gulf? By your standards here, I would assume so.

    On a separate note. Getting WISN to cover what amounts to a political accusation as news is a shrewd move. Perhaps many people in this state have underestimated Tate.

  3. Jeremy,

    Obama's attendance at the fundraiser was a full month after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. That's not the same as the first 48 to 72 hours, as with Walker's campaigning.

    Walker's maneuver would be more akin to to Bush's response, or lack thereof, to Hurricane Katrina.

  4. Take another look at the Journal Sentinel article about this, particularly the second half. The Mayor and the County Exec have decidedly different jobs; namely, Walker's job is to carry out the business of the state on a county level. The nature of his job did not require him to be here, in the County, while all of this was going on. He took care of county business and stayed in touch with his staff all weekend, who were out doing their jobs.

  5. The disaster in the gulf was still getting worse a full month after the explosion.

  6. There was also parts of the article that originally appeared, but did not make the final cut, such as the professor saying that Barrett was a people person, Walker was not.