Friday, July 16, 2010 V.2.0

As first reported by Cindy Kilkenny, and later touted by Team Walker, Walker's campaign site now has a blog of its own.

Now, don't confuse this blog with his former unofficial offical blog, which *ahem* mysteriously shut down a few months ago, including having all the comments and its Twitterfeed to go poof into cyberspace.

I already see some interesting dilemmas coming up for Walker's blog:
  • I noticed that they allow comments, for now anyway. The question is are they going to moderate the comments, and if so, will they allow opposing views on there. For example, in one of the posts, the apparent Site Master, Michael Brickman, takes a dig at Barrett for giving cops a couple of furlough days and streamlining the fire department. What if a commenter would point out that Walker gave the Sheriff Deputies eight furlough days and actually laid off all of the firefighters at the airport? Will he allow that to be posted?*
  • It will be only a matter of time before other people, besides myself, notice the similarity between this new blog and the defunct site. Both sites apparently use much the same style of blogging, which relies a great deal with citing other bloggers and doing a lot of copying and pasting. This will only rejuvenate the speculation on who were the pseudonymous bloggers at the old site, and if there is any carryover. Along with that will be the raising of the Darlene Wink incident, which I understand is still being investigated.
  • Aaron Rodriguez has already contributed a "guest post." Since Rodriguez purports himself to be a writer for one or two of the local community Hispanic papers, does this conflict with any journalism ethics? Granted, you have shills like Patrick McIlheran who echo talking points at his blog sponsored and hosted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But that is vastly different than actually contributing to a campaign's website directly.
  • Related to the previous point, since Rodriguez is a "professional" journalist (in the sense that he does get paid for writing his fawning drivel), does Walker's campaign have to claim this as an in-kind contribution?
  • Any bets on how long until they violate Fair Use practices?
Oh, I can see this is going to be fun for months to come.

* UPDATE: Apparently we already have one answer already. Dave Reid, who is a reasonable man and a leader in our community, tried to leave a comment at Walker's blog without success, based on this tweet:
@ScottKWalker so u won't open you're[sic] blog to real comments. That's fine.
We can tell now that Walker will run his blog like he does everything else, and will not tolerate any speaking of the truth.


  1. It will be interesting to see who shows up to the dance. I don't think the issue with is complete yet. Still awaiting what the various open records requests will yield. I wonder what is taking so long.

  2. You could try posting a comment on his blog from your work?

  3. father like son....just exactly how Chianelli won't broker with dissension.

  4. Capper,

    If you only knew how off base you are.

  5. Aaron,

    I would look after your own house if I were you. You've already been caught up in a number of lies. Don't make it worse for yourself.

  6. Think about it. But I won't go any further. For now.

  7. lol, what cappper only you are allowed to tell lies?

  8. Capper,

    I lie on my blog if that's what you're trying to imply. Unlike other bloggers, I typically don't write about anything unless I feel I can defend it cogently.

  9. That's not the only place you write either.

  10. I can't edit with Blogger. Only accept or reject the comment. It's all on you.

  11. Oh, that it's my mess up. Oopps