Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Duckhorn Blunders On First Day of Campaign For Sheriff

Steven Duckhorn is the sole Republican candidate running for Milwaukee County Sheriff.

Or perhaps I should say, the sole Republican candidate stumbling out of the gate for Milwaukee County Sheriff.

He has launched his website for his candidacy, and there is already a couple of problems with it.

One, there is no "authorized and paid for" notation on the site:

Then to add to the fun, on this site that is proudly designed and hosted by Mr. Duckhorn, is his contact page:

Why would someone who is running for Milwaukee County Sheriff have his office in Menlo Park, California?

My, how the race has quickly narrowed down to one candidate that is worthy: Chris Moews.


  1. Actually, there are two Republicans running, but one of them, David Clarke, filed as a Democrat.

  2. While the "authorized and paid for" critique is valid, the address in Menlo Park is the address to Homestead, which is the web host he's using, so I'm gonna have to cry foul on that one. That certainly doesn't seem to be Duckhorn's fault.

  3. Wow, a website oopsie and that constitutes him as a "stumbler out of the gate"? I have respect for men who go out and try to make the difference they wish they see in the world. Not men who sit behind their computers and put down those they can't compare to.

  4. Thank you. Your respect is appreciated. Oh wait, you didn't know what you were talking about, did you?