Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walker Puts Lipstick On A Pig

Scott Walker has never been a very good leader for Milwaukee County. He also has not been afraid to show his disdain for the people that he was elected to represent by insulting them.

Take for example, this snippet from Bruce Murphy, who was writing about Walker's "Doom and Gloom Tour" in the months leading up to Walker's last failed attempt to be governor:
But Walker’s power point presentation, officially called “The Reality Tour,” doesn’t offer any real solutions. After hammering home how dreadful things are, suggesting that the county is nearly broke while noting it can’t go legally bankrupt, he asks us unlucky duckies to support, well, what? Walker doesn’t say. When asked it he had costed out some possible solutions, Walker said no.

There are times when Walker seems not like the county executive but the anti-county executive. This is the man who called Milwaukee and the six other counties of southeastern Wisconsin a pig. Walker said the effort to promote its economy was unlikely to succeed, declaring, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Tommy Thompson used the bully pulpit to tell us how great Wisconsin was. Mayor Tom Barrett calls cheerleading for Milwaukee a key part of his job. Scott Walker’s style is to blacken the reputation of the county he runs.

Yes, it’s disgusting to see the kind of pensions some county employees have gained. But they appear to be legally protected (not that Walker’s administration ever put much effort into researching its legal options on this issue). So at what point do you quit bellyaching and start making improvements?

That is not what any rational person would call effective or positive leadership.

Tom Barrett and Mark Neumann, being polished politicians, have and will continue to use this against him in the weeks and months to come.

Barrett, of course, used Walker's negativity against him since Barrett was the one that worked with M7 to bring hundreds of jobs to Milwaukee. Walker didn't lift a finger to work with M7. He was too busy campaigning and laying off workers.

But a little thing like reality is not going to slow Scott Walker down. No sirree. He will just use one of his favorite routines: Intellectual Dishonesty:

This also is another demonstration why some politicians shouldn't tweet.

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  1. Sadly, the idiocracy that is Southeastern Wisconsin political discourse of late doesn't seem to want to pay attention or care about such double speak and dishonesty. Frankly, and sadly, he might actually believe what he says... as do his 1130am listening supporters...