Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Fake Democratic Candidates Identified

Showing that their whines about the integrity of elections is nothing more than their cynical hypocrisy, the Republicans are living up to their threats of running fake Democrats in the upcoming recall elections.  To the best of my knowledge, three of them have been identified thus far.

One of them is running against Lori Compas, the rock star who led the charge to recall against the corrupt, greedy and tyrannical Scott Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald, apparently lacking confidence in his own record or ability to win the election, has recruited his good buddy, Gary Ellerman, who is pictured to the right with Fitzgerald, wearing their sacred four elephant badges.  I believe the elephants are a ranking system of how full of it they are.  Ranking four elephants means they are as full of it as they can be.

Compas has very little to worry about though, since the show of support she has is overwhelming, as shown by the fact that she collected 1,800 nomination signatures in just two days!  She only needed 400, which she probably got in the first half hour.

But in an odd, twisted way, Compas should feel a little bit honored.  At least she got someone new to disrupt the election process in her district.

The people of Wisconsin didn't get that same courtesy from the Republicans.  Not only do the Republicans disrespect our electoral system, they don't even respect the voters.

In a mailer* I received today from the Republican Party of Wisconsin, they proudly announce that they are running fake Democrats for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.  Their fake candidates are Gladys Huber and Isaac Weix, both retreads from last summer's recall elections.

Huber was the fake candidate who tried to sabotage the election when Representative Sandy Pasch challenged Alberta "When's tee time?" Darling. Likewise, Weix was the fraudulent candidate that tried to derail the election for Shelly Moore, who was challenging Sheila Harsdorf.

The mailer, which was signed by Stephan Thompson, head snake of WISGOP, starts out with large, bold fonts saying "Help Walker and Kleefisch fight back - support Gladys Huber and Isaac Weix's candidacy!"  (Yeah, the typo is theirs.)

Wow! Just wow!

They want their supporters to help Walker and Kleefisch fight back against whom?  The 52% of Wisconsinites that support the recall?  It says a lot that Walker, Kleefisch and WISGOP see you, me, our families, our neighbors and our friends as the enemy.  I can't imagine a clearer statement that demonstrates they are no longer acting as elected officials but the petty despots that they are.

The letter is also rife with language such as "moving our state in a new direction" and the such, but not once do they say that it's moving in a positive direction.  They know the state is in such dire straits after just 15 months of their rule that they couldn't even bring themselves to tell that big of a lie.

Enclosed with the letter were two nomination petitions, which they beg people to sign, circulate and send back to them.  The cheap carps couldn't even put a stamp on their return envelope.

I've been pondering what to do with the petitions.  Unlike the Republicans, I know it's a felony to deface a petition or to submit them with fake names.  Besides, I have much more respect for our democracy than they do.  I'm thinking of framing them and hanging them on the wall, as a reminder of how cheap and shallow they really are and how little they think of our great state or its people.

*Actually, they sent me two of them. That's the Republican brand of fiscal responsibility for you!


  1. stuff that ball down their throats!

  2. Hear that train a'comin', comin' round the bend,
    Gonna take ole Scotty Boy, off to the ‘sconsin pen.

    He took the state for a ride, on down corruption road,
    Campaigning that he'd work with unions, then he laid them low.
    With fists full of dirty cash, on the people's rights he trod,
    But now the recall train is here, fin’ly by the grace of God.

    Hear that train a'comin', comin' round the bend,
    Gonna take ole Scotty Boy, off to the ‘sconsin pen.

  3. if only he could really be sent to jail? And so should those Republicans who use "fake" candidates to corrupt the system. Surely this can't be legal?

  4. What is the purpose of running fake Dems in a race in which there already will be a primary -- the governor's race? I don't get it and welcome edification.

    On the other hand, we in Pasch's district know that having crazy ol' lady Gladys "Who Am I? What Day Is It?" Huber on the ballot can be a hoot. And in a higher-profile race, she will get more media attention, to the embarrassment of Republicans. I can hardly wait to see her on Ed Schultz's show; let's get a petition going, like getting Betty White on SNL.

  5. I really hope that someone post the nomination papers for these "fakers" online. It is important to know exactly who is assisting the WI-GOP with their act of fraud.

  6. I got one of these in the mail addressed to my card-carrying Republican wife yesterday. I'm at work now but I'll scan them tonight & try to post them to United Wisconsin.

  7. I'm with purplepenguin. I want to know who else supports this practice of running fake candidates. Let's petition the GAB to put these petitions online, too -- or perhaps groups like True the Vote will do so for us.

    Yeh, that'll happen.

  8. The point of the Fake Dems is to make sure that all the general elections are held on the same day, and that a week before the primary the Dems don't all drop out at once forcing Gov. Walker to face the general election on May 8th.