Thursday, February 27, 2014

Domestic Abuse is No Joke

By Jeff Simpson

At least to Mary Burke it isn't!

Officials with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke say that they will make a charitable donation with the hefty campaign check they received from a well-known trial attorney accused of caning his wife.

On Dec. 20, Daniel Rottier, president of the personal injury firm Habush, Habush & Rottier, chipped in $4,500 to Burke's campaign. Burke is taking on Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Rottier, 62, was charged earlier this month with a misdemeanor battery count of using a dangerous weapon to commit domestic abuse. A plea hearing is set for Friday.
His wife told authorities that a drunken Rottier struck her with a cane while the two argued about plans to take their children to a movie.

Asked about the donation late Wednesday, Burke spokesman Joe Zepecki said the campaign will be making a $4,500 contribution to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, a Madison nonprofit that runs a shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Congrats for Mary Burke to do the right thing by donating his money where it will make a difference and not giving it back to him.    Domestic Abuse Intervention Services is a great nonprofit and you should give to them also!  

While Mary Burke was doing the right thing, Joe Fadness(head of the Republican Party in WI) was busy making jokes and spending another domestic abuser's money!    My unofficial count, says that Bill Feehan donated $1900 to Scott Walker.  None of which was returned or donated. Hey Gov, see the link to DAIS above, they could use the $1900 to help people like Bill's ex-girlfriend

However, i know we have to give Billy a pass, since he only beat his girlfriend up once(how many times has Rottier been accused of it?):

Disorderly conduct

As the challenger in an important state Senate district, candidate Bill Feehan said he expected to be asked about his past run-in with the law.
In 2000, Feehan cut a deal with prosecutors in which they dropped a misdemeanor domestic battery charge against him for allegedly choking and injuring his girlfriend at the time. In return, he pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge.
But the Republican businessman, who is taking on freshman state Sen. Jennifer Shilling of La Crosse, said he doesn't believe he has anything to apologize for.
"My character speaks for itself," said Feehan in an interview. "The people I know are supportive of me, and they understand this for what it is - a low blow by the Democrat Party."
According to court records, Feehan was arrested in September 2000 after an argument with his girlfriend at the time.
The girlfriend had accused Feehan of leaving her stranded at a La Crosse bar after a disagreement and then taking a dog from her apartment. He maintained that the dog was his.
She told authorities that she went to his residence, rang his doorbell and when he didn't answer, began throwing boxes and other items from his garage. In response, she said, he came outside, grabbed her by the throat and choked her, tossing her to the ground - something he denied. He accused her of kneeing him in the groin; she later acknowledged that she had done this but said it occurred while being choked.
Police described Feehan as difficult during an interview and after his arrest.
"He remained beligerant (sic) and cocky throughout the encounter," wrote Sgt. Dale Chroninger of the Holmen Police Department.
In October 2000, Feehan was charged with misdemeanor counts of battery and disorderly conduct. Three months later, prosecutors reduced the charges to an ordinance violation, and he pleaded no contest.
In an interview last week, Feehan said he was wrongly accused.
He added that those guilty of domestic abuse do it repeatedly. He said he has only the single allegation from years ago on his record.
"I've been happily married to one of the most successful businesswomen in Wisconsin for the last eight years," he said. "I don't know what more to say."


  1. Nicely done Jeff. Thanks for your work.

  2. So Scott Walker & gang not only took money from a domestic abuser. They kept it.

    Lower than low.

  3. "But that's where this Republican party is. It simply has no bottom." - Bill Maher