Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCX

Scott Walker's agenda is working so gosh darn well, its success stories continue to keep coming, like this winter's incessant snow falls.  The latest bit of "success" comes from Shopko:
ASHWAUBENON Shopko Stores Inc. laid off 25 office workers Monday, a small percentage of the more than 700 in its corporate offices, company spokeswoman Michelle Hansen said.

“We’re taking this action because, like many retailers, 2013 was challenging,” she said. “We didn’t make our sales and profit goals. This allows a flatter, more flexible structure to redeploy resources to improve customer experience and position us for future success.”
In case the gentle reader hasn't been paying attention, this is part of a changing pattern.

For the first few years after Walker dropped his "bomb" of Act 10 on the state, people had to cut back on their luxury purchases, such as going out to eat or buying things they didn't really need. Due to this, we saw the number of jobs shrink and the number of unemployed soar. We also saw the ripple effect of this hitting other businesses, forcing them to scale back if not close altogether.

Now things are getting so bad that we are seeing bigger stores pull back or, like Kmart and JCPenneys, pull out of the state.

I won't kid you gentle reader, it will take years and years to repair the damage done. But those repairs can't even begin until we get rid of the cause, Scott Walker and his Teabuplican cronies.

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  1. Was listening to republican hate radio this morning, heard Jerry Bader say the republicans weren't addressing the diminishing middle class and how businesses were losing sales. Then he gave his solution; ripping on folks that don't go out and get themselves a welding job like the ex-con Walker had on stage.
    I sure hope the state sends these guys packing, the damage they have done so far will take forever to recover from.