Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wisconsin's Right Wing "Media"

By Jeff Simpson

Everyone knows the turmoil that Scott Walker's budget despair bill brought to the State of WI in early2011.   Scott Walker shortly after being sworn in, decided to "drop the bomb" and completely switch course from all of his campaign promises and attack his enemies by outlawing public unions. 

The people of Wisconsin did not take this lightly. 

Despite the fact that Scott Walker never campaigned on ACT10 or any of the policies he rushed through, it is EXACTLY what he had intended to do:


Luckily for Scott Walker, he has always had a well funded "media"(term used loosely) at his beck and call.  From Jsonline giving free reign to the Bradley Foundation's gopher Christian Schneider to the ridiculous mediatrackkkers and their racist writer Brian Sikma. 

However nothing better showcases how ridiculous they are then the current story of the Walker Docs.   A quick rundown of Walkerdocs.  There was a three year investigation into illegal campaigning activities of the Scott Walker administration while he was Milwaukee County Executive.  In the end, while Scott Walker was never charged with a crime(he did have to pay his TWO criminal defense firms he had on retainer $650,000 + to make sure of it) 6 of his top staffers were actually charged and convicted of various crimes.   Despite efforts by the Walker administration to stop the release of the documents collected during the investigation, a judge ruled that one of the felons - Kelly Rindfleisch, had to turn over all of her emails that she sent on county time and with county equipment.  

  These documents were released at the end of February 2014 and totaled approximately 27,000 pages.    In layman's terms, in this investigation, this one person(Rinfleisch) had 27,000 pages of evidence against her(she was convicted).   This is just a tip of the iceberg of the investigation and the results of one of the people being investigated among many.   The full set of these documents can be found here!  

Back to the story at hand - mediatrackers website has covered the full release of these #walkerdocs with exactly ONE story.   The story is a reprint of a two year old story trying to question the credibility of one of the investigators, who has 24 years of solid law enforcement experience, for allegedly having a "recall walker" yard sign in 2011.   Apparently 24 years of  exemplary public service means nothing if your wife does not like the current Governor.    

After that silly story , there is not a word written about any of the 15000 emails that were released.  Not. one.  word.    A few stories about how bad unions are and how Obamacare will destroy the world, but nothing about Scott Walker and his secret email system.   

However, go back in time two years ago and we find a "breaking news story" that they could not get out fast or loud enough.   Tom Barrett's wife, who is a teacher, sent three emails.   Two were to different representatives, asking them to vote against Act10 and one asking a few of her friends if they would be attending a protest.   

Then Sikma really nailed her good!   Kris Barrett, Tom's wife, was on one of his mailer's as supporting the Tom Barrett campaign(seriously he wrote that).   

With her husband Tom running as the Democratic nominee for governor, Ms. Barrett has already intentionally inserted herself into the political fray according to Politico. And on April 15, Ms. Barrett’s name was on a Tom Barrett campaign email entitled “Pink Slip.
 17,000 emails, 27000 pages = crickets
3 emails and endorsing her husbands run for office = major investigation!


  1. I was listening to Republican Radio the day Walker announced Act 10, and was stunned to hear Jerry Bader keep repeating that Walker had him in his office the day before to briefed.

    Scroll down:

  2. Watch Walker - he doesn't go off the script because he is too dumb to speak off the cuff. Everything in Walker's world is scripted - that was very clear in the email dump. The question is - why does the media let Walker dictate ANYTHING?? Why doesn't the media agree upfront to do it Walker's way and then throw in some extra questions just to see the weasel sweat? Walker has been given a pass for far too long - time to flip the switch on Walker. He works for WI - WI doesn't work for him. We, the people, are his boss. MAKE SURE TO FIRE HIM IN NOVEMBER if not impeach sooner.

  3. Charley Sykes needs to be canned too, if he isn't implicated in John Doe 2. I would love to see him brought to justice. I also can't stand him attempting to be holier than thou on the radio when he is a serial adulterer. Another Newt Gingrich. Just what the Republican family values party needs....more Eagle Scouts who are morally challenged and a leader (reince preibus) who encourages corruption. Never thought the GOP could sink get so low.

  4. Jeff, you simply must stop beginning everything you write with the tired and pointless cliche, "Everybody knows ..."

    1. Correct. From now on Jeff, apparently you need to begin everything you write with, "Everybody except Blaska knows..."

    2. I agree with Shane. Blaska you need to stop being so petty and you need to stop regurgitating Walker talking points.

  5. The problem David, is that I give our readers more credit than you give your's. I know the people that read our blog are well informed!

    1. And that the readers of Blaska's blog have to win elections by voter caging - they follow their ideological leaders down very slippery slopes as Walker likes to say..

  6. Folks, you may remember that we at Media Action Center have filed a case at the FCC complaining about the Republican dominance of the Milwaukee airwaves. WTMJ responded that Sykes and Wagner can continue exclusively supporting Republicans on the air because - get this - their shows qualify as "Bonafide News."

    The FCC has tried to ignore this, but Tammy Baldwin has now made an inquiry. If you have not yet done so, please help by signing this petition to the FCC, telling them Talk Radio is NOT Bonafide News! Now is the time to push this thing, FCC Chair Wheeler will be getting our case any day.

  7. Ooops, you will need an address:

    Thank you!