Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rickert's Revelation

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin State Journal columnist Chris Rickert recently asked people who would be the Senators who could bridge our bur bipartisan divide and bring sanity back to WI.  

I asked a few Legislature-watchers if they could point to anyone who might be willing to take up the mantle of considered consensus-building.
Democratic state Rep. Mandy Wright got more than one vote, as did Republican Sens. Rob Cowles and Luther Olsen. Among other names mentioned were Democratic Sens. Jen Shilling and Julie Lassa and Republican Sen. Mike Ellis.

Does anything show us the difference between the two parties than these two paragraphs?  

 Democrat Mandy Wright:

Republican Mike Ellis:

 That is the voice of reason in the republican party?  Thanks to Chris Rickert for showing us exactly how different the two parties are! 


  1. Luther Olsen? The guy who's trying to bend over backward for the voucher lobby and give away taxpayer dollars to his wife?

    No, both parties are not the same, Dickert

  2. Ticket is an idiot and the state urinal's best concern troll.