Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Americans for Hypocrisy!

By Jeff Simpson

We have written alot here at CogDis about Americans for Prosperity and their old gopher boy Luke Hilgemann.   Although Luke has kind of had the last laugh, in that as he has become a VERY rich man (more on that story soon) and no longer has to live under the oppression of Scott Walker's regime. 

When Luke got promoted from local gopher to national coffee boy, the koch brothers, in their Wisconsin division of the Walker Campaign, needed a replacement, and they found one in David Fladboe. 

 They found Fladboe the same place that they found Hilgemann and Sean Lansing - straight from Scott Suder's office.    If your going to have an unethical, misleading organization like Americans for Prosperity, which is led by the vermin Tim Phillips, then Scott Suder is the perfect person to train your up and comers (United Sportsmen anyone?)! 

Now that we are caught up on the backstory of AFP, here is their current campaign:


In case it does not just JUMP right out at you...... 

Americans for Prosperity - STANDS WITH low-income workers, and unemployed Americans by opposing the minimum wage increase. 

Nothing says prosperity like low income workers and the unemployed! 


  1. America for Prosperity: You can't make this shit up unless you are a world class liar.

  2. As was Scott Walker a noted ALEC star, now Robin Vos and Suder are the two responsible in this state for doling out ALEC monies to interested legislators wanting to get hooked up with various ALEC corporate interests.
    ALEC and AFP are both groups cut from the Koch brother's cloth. Both groups will promote ideas that are outright falshoods to the public, for the benefit of their corporate elite benefactors.