Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scott Walker- Quote of the Day

By Jeff Simpson

When asked about his stance on gay marriage:

 "We take an oath to uphold the constitution and as long as that's part of our constitution, we're obligated to uphold it," Walker said. "If that were to change, certainly we'd look at it differently.

Earlier in the day in the courtrooms of Madison:

Dane County Judge John Markson has dismissed 29 tickets issued to participants in the Solidarity Sing Along, ruling the state's permitting requirements for Capitol gatherings unconstitutional.
In one of two written rulings issued Wednesday (available here and here), Markson said he agreed with defendant Michael W. Crute, who argued that the state's permit requirement "violates the First Amendment because it applies, on its face, to very small groups."

Apparently Scott Walker thinks he took an oath to "selectively" enforce the Constitution.    


  1. We all know, there is only one oath that rat bastard has ever taken, and that is to perform as the Koch whore that he is, to the best of his ability.