Monday, February 17, 2014

Here In The Real World!


By Jeff Simpson

Some telling quotes recently by some of the people in charge of our state the last three years:

Republican state Rep. John Klenke will not seek re-election:

Rep. Klenke issued the following statement when he made the announcement:
"Four years ago I ran for Wisconsin's 88th Assembly District seat to support Scott Walker's agenda for Wisconsin. Today, thanks to Governor Walker's leadership and the courage of the Wisconsin State Legislature, budget surpluses are the norm, tax cuts are routine, employment is increasing, and businesses are expanding. I am honored to have served in these historic times."
 Our own Governor Walker:

We’re turning things around. We’re heading in the right direction, but there is more work to be done. Passing our Blueprint for Prosperity will help move Wisconsin forward.

Bruce Ariens, new head of WMC:

 “I know that Governor Walker and pro-growth lawmakers are committed to improving our business climate and WMC will play a leading role in developing and advocating polices that create jobs,” Ariens said. “WMC members can provide the day-to-day economic reality of what’s happening in the towns and cities and workplace across Wisconsin, one job at a time.”

Unfortunately, we live in the real world of Wisconsin and not the republican fantasy land these people live in.  

The  reality on the ground is NOT pretty!

 MADISON, Wis. -
Madison-based appliance and furniture retailer American is announcing plans to close its doors.
In a release sent Monday, the company said the business will start a going-out-of-business sale on Thursday.
The release said the 60-year-old company struggled over the last five years and described the economy as "unforgiving."


  1. And this is surprising why? Who's got money to buy stuff?

    Young people can't establish their economic footing anymore, let alone start families and buy houses that get filled with furniture and appliances. Welcome to Walker's Wiscossippi.

  2. How many jobs and/or business has Wisconsin lost since Walker became governor??????? Can someone please tell me? We need to publicize these stats. We hear about jobs created and unemployment but not jobs lost and business clothing's.

  3. The real money is not in multi million dollar appliance stores like American, which as many Madisonians will recall, was something of a success story in it's day. The real money is in making money off other people's money, privatization (and the feeding frenzy that creates for the politically connected) along with resource extraction in a world without any environmental regulations. you can whine about how walker and company are killing business in Wisconsin, but they don't care. The retail sales business and manufacturing (of anything short of major weapons systems) is simply petty cash.

  4. The only people I know above water, are the union workers living in WI and working in IL. My family being one of them, and if this Nazi is re-elected here as Governor, I'm moving. I'm sick of supporting all the small businesses with my family's hard earned money, while they vote against the very people shopping their stores.

    I can tell you right now, small business will fall on the sword, if unions keep being attacked, but maybe we need to see empty store fronts everywhere, before small business will stand with unions standing next to NON-UNION WORKERS trying to make it a better life for EVERYONE!

    Global unionization is fair trade!

  5. All of the above echo my sentiments. This governor with Act 10 and his austerity policies killed the Wisconsin economy. He's refused any influx of federal money for trains, transit, healthcare, etc. but gave tax credits and low tax rates to near zero for corporations and businesses. The middle and working class have been driven to their knees by this idiot and his heavy handed legislature. He continues to lie claiming to have created 15,000 new businesses. He says there are thousands upon thousands of manufacturing jobs going unfilled due to a lack of trained people yet he 's been in office for three years and can't find a way to train anybody for theses jobs. The reason for that is those supposed manufacturing job openings don't exist ,'s all a smoke screen to cover his inept job creation performance. He has yet to figure out that when you kill unions and public employee take home pay and these people have far less money in their pocket...... demand will disappear. Demand creates jobs not tax breaks!!!!!!!!! We want to leave this state too but try and sell a house in this state.