Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kelly Rindfleisch Was Right!

By Jeff Simpson

While Capper weighed in this morning with his take, I needed to also post on these flurry of emails.   After reading some, and going through others, and watching the news stories, and reading comments, etc..  I have come to realize that Kelly Rindfleisch, as despicable of a human being as she is, is right!  

No One Cares...

Let's look at a couple examples....

“No one cares about crazy people,” aide Kelly Rindfleisch wrote in response to an email about criticism Walker was facing from his political opponent, Tom Barrett, over problems at Milwaukee County’s mental health center.
• An email from Kelly Teelin, a paralegal at GOP go-to law firm Michael Best & Friedrich, forwarded a joke email picturing four dogs the writer said were set to receive public assistance because they “are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddys are.”
“That is hilarious. And so true!” Rindfleisch replied.
• Walker’s top aide in the county executive’s office, Tom Nardelli, forwarded a message in brightly colored lettering about the “nightmare” of waking up “black, Jewish, gay with a Mexican boyfriend, drug addict and HIV-positive” — and a Democrat.


 The night that a concrete slab at a Milwaukee County parking structure collapsed, killing a 15-year-old boy, Nardelli emailed Walker and copied Gilkes, Rindfleisch and Archer about a reporter asking about an audit showing deferred maintenance on the structure.
Gilkes responded: “We need to have that pinpointed in the audit. … This is what the press will focus on exclusively tomorrow — we will need to fully refute it with all documentation possible on it.”
Walker responded: “Yes.”

The Walker team looked at rape in a county facility, and the crushing to death of a 15 year old boy, not as tragedies, but as a pain in the ass to the Walker's political ambitions.   I used to be outraged at this (see here) but now I realize they were right.  

Since the horrible death of a 15 year old boy and a rape at a poorly run mental health care facility failed to move the needle in Scott Walker's campaign at all while it happened, I do not expect it to do so now. 

We have thousands of pages of proof that Scott Walker and his staff knowingly broke the law, that Scott Walker was in on it the whole time, the disdain they have for anyone who is not or can not help them gain a political advantage and as a team their only objective, no matter who they were working for, was to make Scott Walker look good(no easy task). 

Yet I doubt he has even dropped a point in the polls.   How does a free society that values democracy and Honors our Forefathers and Founders, and goes to Church on Sunday, think that the Scott Walker we met yesterday is ok? 


  1. Yup, Scott Walker IS the people he surrounds himself with.

  2. I don't get it. I don't get how Walker gets away with it. He is a smug SOB. He screwed over the mother who WATCHED HER SON DIE due to deferred maintenance decided by Walker. What if that was Tonette watching one of her sons get crushed? Would Walker have cared then? I honestly don't know how to answer that because Walker is so morally bankrupt it would not surprise me if he used his kids for political points. What makes me even more disgusted is to think that Wisconsinites don't have a problem with Walker's handling of the boy's death. Walker promised the Mother he would help then passed tort reform to protect his donor who was involved. SICK!!!! In another case, the poor woman who was raped at the Mental Health facility and the one who was starved to death...they also were someone's child. Once again...If it was Walker's kid would it be ok?? I GUESS THE BIG QUESTION AMERICA SHOULD ASK SCOTT WALKER IS WHAT WOULD JESUS DO??? Mr. Sainthood/Eagle Scout/preachers son has no idea what Jesus would do and has shown that REPEATEDLY through his actions. Walker has more in common with Saddam Hussein than Jesus. Wake up Wisconsin. You are letting the DEVIL run Wisconsin.

  3. As long as Walker keeps on talking about his miracle "surplus" (which is really a lie) and "lower property taxes" (enough to buy the average family a pizza and Pepsi), there are thousands of people who will say "works for me."
    These are the comfortable, older, middle-class people who have their nice homes, boats, atvs, and RVs. Their kids are out of school so they no longer care about public education. The irony is that they are a product of the middle class that Walker is trying so hard to make an endangered species.

  4. Anonymous @ 9:00AM I think Walker is devoid of emotion and would not feel a thing if his sons were crushed. His political ambitions and ego take up too much room in his head and crowd out the emotions.

  5. IDGAF about the polls. I want to see that Koch Whore behind bars.

  6. Hey Capper...what is the deal with JVS Consulting? Sees she set up an LLC while working for Davis. Was she billing Davis campaing while she was at it?

  7. Also I saw something about getting Alberta Dariling looped in to put out a press release for them so it seemed it was not from the campaign. What did she say at the time? Is she also complicit?

  8. Can you plerase provide a link to the emails. I have not been able to find them online.


  10. While google searching to see how fast the story was spreading through the media, I almost had a mini-stroke when this headline popped up:

    It's a different Scottie of course, but I have chosen to take it as an omen.

  11. IF this Creep is re-elected, I'm out! If the people of Wisconsin again choose this scum as a Governor, I'm moving out of this state, because WI and its people I thought I knew, are not people I want to know anymore.

    I'm not going to waste another 4 years in a
    "LAWLESS STATE". I know I am not alone, and we will take our out of state well paying jobs and spend the money elsewhere. I'll be damned if I am going to spend my hard earned money in a state that elects people that discriminate, humiliate, and exterminate its people and environment without a care.

    These emails prove we are being run by psychopaths.

  12. Gareth, I don't think Walker would ever deem himself "guilty". Lack of empathy is a significant factor in most Repubicans' personality profile. As Rindfleisch states, "No one cares" Apathy, errors of omission, it's all about ME, MYSELF & I, truly is the reason WI is vulnerable to the Koch Bros fascism (who's gonna stop us?).

  13. A new level of honesty and integrity has been brought to Wisconsin's highest elected office and it makes me sick that Sykes and his crowd applaud this piece of garbage.

  14. @ Anonymous 11:58 - SEE YA!

    1. Corey,
      How can you support such immoral and corrupt politicians? Why have you sunk so low?

  15. The only good that may come of this is that if it gets enough main stream media coverage the Kochs & Co. may decide it isn't going to be lucrative to fund their WI puppet head on a national level. But it doesn't seem to be making an iota of a difference to WI-ites. We need a few more shoes to drop!

  16. I'm so angry at this I am shaking!It makes me so mad that they can get away with this. I'm so upset. I too am leaving this state if Walker is reelected. I'm really ticked!

  17. Anonymous 11:58, you are correct that you are not alone. Since 2010, this is not the Wisconsin that I knew. We also have discussed leaving upon retirement, taking our pensions with us -- and I am a lifelong Wisconsinite who loved it here. I always said that I could not live in the states with the reactionary politics, the corruption, etc., despite their better climates. But why stay, surrounded by a majority of Wisconsinites who approve of the politics and corruption? Why not have that and a better climate for our increasingly achy old bones, too?

  18. No need for the good and true to pack their bags. Traditional Republican voters have been distancing themselves for some time. They didn't sign up for radicalization, they're embarrassed to be associated with the classless, gross, moronic Tea Party types, they know the surplus is bogus, and the so-called tax cuts are nothing to them. Burke has some appeal to this group and others will just sit out the election. They're who right wing talk radio is really afraid of hence this mad scramble to explain away all wrong doing.

  19. Thanks everybody, but Cory...I know in my neighborhood, ALL of the seniors that WERE life long Republicans tell me, they no longer support the party and will vote for anybody but him.

    My problem is the damage this legislature (Republican majority) has done to the state, and CAN WE get a majority to change what they have done. I'm just so disgusted, but it will not keep me from voting.

    I really hope we can get back to being the WI that was not perfect but working to move things forward to promote the general welfare.

    Oh, did anyone read the email where they actually talked about making Mike Tate disappear by Vella's uncle Mike?

    These people are scary.

  20. To answer the original question: Having thought long and hard about this, the only thing I can come up with is that Walker tapped into a deep-seated hatred of state employees that has always simmered beneath the surface here.(I was a state employee myself for 11 years and saw plenty of examples). As long as Walker keeps bashing state employees, he could be shown to be a pedophile and these folks won't care. He's their boy to the end.

  21. I think the tide is slowly turning within the public against Walker. If the national media keeps the focus on his amoral and criminal ways, and more reporters ask him unscripted, tough questions, he will continue to lose support. The funny thing is that even though Walker rips on teachers - public school was good enough for his sons. Scott Jensen - school choice lobbyist - public schools are good enough for his kids too. This is the trend in the republican party. Walker even waiting until his last son graduated last year before sticking the screws to common core and trying to privatize as many schools as possible. One has to ask - if the schools are good enough for Walker & Jensen's kids - why are we changing common core? Because the Bradley Foundation & DeVos Family said so - that is why. Because Walker does not bite the hand that feeds him - Walker will do ANYTHING for power. Walker has no moral compass - and his staff is just as evil as he is. Can you imagine the hell that would break loose if Walker were elected President? How long would it take him to piss off the Middle East? Russia? North Korea? Walker slanders his own constituents and isn't sorry - WI is pretty forgiving. But Russia?? North Korea??
    Middle East?? Good luck with that...

  22. Answer me this - has there ever been a picture of Kelly where she doesn't look like an angry troll dressed in possibly the most unattractive outfits she could find at Kohl's? I really don't get it - Kelly knowingly works for criminals, engages in criminal activity and knows she will have to be a sacrificial lamb if they are caught. Is she that stupid or that desperate because no one outside WISGOP operative will hire her? Or does she look that way after years of working for Walker and taking the rap... Either way I hope a judge at some point tells her to wipe that nasty look off her face. She did the crime, she can do the time.