Tuesday, February 11, 2014


By Jeff Simpson

We know that Governor Walker is in full election mode, by taking a President Obama led surplus and doling it out to his friends.   Governor Walker could have given that money to our educational system that desperately needs it, or even paid off part of the long term debt that Scott Walker has saddled us with!  

It is  such a bad idea, that Mary Burke has criticized it:

"I don’t know too many Wisconsin families who would rush out to spend money they don’t have, particularly when they’ve already put more money on the credit card and they have more bills coming due," Burke said.
While it is not surprising that the republicans voted in lockstep with the Governor, thinking for themselves is not their strong suit.   What is surprising though is that Governor Walker found two Democrats who were more than happy to join him in increasing our spending and harming our public schools:  

They were Rep. Stephen Smith, of Shell Lake, and Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink, of Milladore.

Their constituencies must be very proud.   Maybe they can send them thank you cards for all of the teacher's in their district that are laid off next school year.

The sad thing is, the dems actually had a good responsible budget(of course responsible government is a pipe dream at this point) but it was voted down via party line::

Assembly Democrats pushed a plan similar to Burke's that would put more money into the state's rainy day fund, recast the property tax cut to increase the average savings per homeowner to $231 and nearly triple money for job training.
"When are we really going to focus on the middle class?" said Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine. "When are we going to get people back to work?"
The Assembly, where Republicans hold a 60-39 majority, rejected the Democratic alternative on a party line vote.

The republicans will never cross party lines to be responsible but two dems could not sign on to Scott Walkers irresponsible spending bill quick enough.

What is the next trick of Vruwink/Smith?  Co authoring a bill with Joel Kleefisch? 

We can not build our "bench" quick enough:

    Picture of Rep Stephen Smith

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