Monday, February 24, 2014

Now You Know Scott Walker Is In Trouble

Via digby, we see an excerpt of Scott Walker's appearance on Faux Newz.

One would think that it would be a snap for Walker, with the hosts fawning all over him and only giving him softball questions so he can trot out his campaign talking points.  Instead, Chris Wallace asked Walker some basic questions regarding the emails that came out last week.  Watch as Walker starts getting histrionic and actually lashes out in anger:

You can tell Walker is flustered by the way he is yammering and his voice is breaking. Many people from both sides of the political aisle have complemented Walker on his political savvy and his smooth talking.  However, those of us that have had to deal with Walker for over a decade know that he is rather flappable once he is knocked off his script and his talking points.

It should be noted that Walker did try to stick to his script by repeatedly emphasizing that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is a Democrat and that John Doe ended last year.  What he doesn't mention - nor does Faux Newz mention - that thee is a second series of John Does going on and that there are both Democratic and Republican district attorneys that requested these investigations.

As expected, Walker then tried to deflect the question by moving the focus to his false claims of success.  He trotted out the same tired, threadbare stories of balancing the budget, finding a surplus or creating more than 100,000 jobs.  But when this didn't work for even on a toady like Wallace, you could see the panic rise in Walker.

But of all the lies that Walker told in that short time, the one that really made my jaw drop is the one where he said that he did not have any of the staff from the Walkergate documents working for him.  What utter rubbish!

Just take a look at some of the people that were named in those documents and where they went after the election:

  • Tom Nardelli - Walker's former chief of staff was not only given a state job but then a handsome promotion before the pressure got to him and he skulked off, hoping not to be noticed.
  • Cindy Archer - Walker's Director of Administration is still working for Walker.  Although he has tried to distance himself from her, he still makes sure that she is well rewarded
  • Brett Davis - Lest the gentle reader forgets, at the time of the emails, Kelly Rindlfeisch was working for Davis, whom Walker had chosen to be his lieutenant governor.  Davis is now Walker's Medicaid director.
  • Keith Gilkes - After the election, Gilkes worked for Walker as his chief of staff and as his chief of graft before leaving to once again take over Walker's campaign.
Now, I can just hear the Walker apologists and trolls say, "But, capper, those people weren't convicted. Walker was only talking about the convicted people."

OK, fine.  

I would then point out Brian Pierick, Tim Russell's significant other, who was convicted for going after teenage boys.  He worked for the state even though he was under investigation.

And then there was the center of attention, Kelly Rindfleisch.  Even after her office and her home had been raided by the police, Rindlfeisch continued to work for Walker's campaign.  And if she wasn't working for Walker directly, he and Gilkes were pulling in favors to get her some income, or as most people call it, hush money.

As an added bonus, make sure you watch the video all the way to the end.  When Wallace starts talking about Walker running a presidential campaign, Walker finally stops falling over his tongue and starts talking like it's a given he's running for president, despite all of his denials to the local press.   

He was happy because he was able to get back on script.


  1. Watch the beginning when Chris Wallace starts the email questioning. Walker is constantly blinking - a visible change in his blinking rate. That is a sign that is used to determine if someone is lying, which we already know by Walker's emails. But what I find also interesting is how visibly uncomfortable he is. It shows that Walker is very vulnerable when things go off script. Last, I love the look on the other Governors is hilarious! I think he is baffled by how Walker can lie with such conviction. He looks astounded by Walker's idiotic responses. LOL

  2. Walker blew it at FOX. They were giving him an opportunity to throw out some finely tuned spin and he didn't have anything for them. They would have lapped up whatever he threw out there, but failing to answer the question was sufficient to irritate even Chris Wallace, who didn't want to look like a complete pushover.

  3. I can't wait to see the public meltdown of this evil little man!

  4. Caption that picture.

    "Any time boy. Two dads to use your holes"

  5. Walker keeps saying he was never charged so he never did anything wrong as his argument. Could it be that like a traffic cop, he wasn't speeding fast enough to bother with? Or could it be that maybe the cop was planning on going after a more worthwhile bigger fish (charge) that would stick like glue? And as a result, maybe guarantee that SKW will get a new orange wardrobe and an extra large roommate or three.

    In hind-site (pun intended) maybe the prison guards should have gotten grouped with the police.

  6. Smells like Blagojevich.

  7. Scott Walker, the Teapublican candidate for President is now officially running on a campaign of hope.

    I hope they don't ask me any more tough questions about ANY of my previous campaigns for office.

    I hope I am not charged with a felony ... or two.

    I hope the out of state campaign donations don't dry up.

    I hope they don't have the goods on me in Doe #2 ... or Doe #3. .

    I hope I am not convicted.

    I hope my prison guards are Teapublicans.

    I hope my roommate in orange, Bubba is kind and gentle.

    I hope the next Governor grants pardons.

    1. And Walker telling the truth and having to face the consequences for his behaviors would be a pleasant change.

  8. According to a Baraboo paper,

    "On Tuesday, Walker instead focused his comments on the current ethics policies in his governor's office.

    "We've had a policy in place since I became governor," Walker told reporters in Fitchburg. "We have a very elaborate ethics and code of conduct policy."

    He said "an advantage" of being in the governor's office is having a legal staff that can do ethics training for staff and cabinet members."

    How can he say this with a straight face?

    1. To be clear, that last line, "How can he say this with a straight face?" was mine and not the Baraboo paper's.

    2. "We have a very elaborate ethics and code of conduct policy."

      He said "an advantage" of being in the governor's office is having a legal staff that can do ethics training for staff and cabinet members."

      What he DOESN'T say is a 'very strict' ethics and code of conduct policy. Elaborate indeed. That explains so much.

    3. Correct CJ. Scotty didn't say what that code of ethics IS, just that there is one. Since policies are public record, I'm sure he can send a link to it if we ask, right?

  9. If Fox News is going after him, he's finished. At this point he will be sacrificed by the GOP as a token.