Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Dictator Collection

By Jeff Simpson

Harlon Crow, one of the funders of the infamous disgusting swiftboat attacks on John Kerry, is now dipping his dirty feet into Wisconsin electoral waters!  Of course, when you go fishing in dirty waters, the one big fish you will catch in Wisconsin is Scott Walker. 

Gov. Scott Walker is headed to Texas this week for a fundraiser at the mansion of billionaire Harlan Crow, a strong supporter of conservative causes.
Politico is reporting that Walker's re-election fundraiser is scheduled for Tuesday at the real estate tycoon's Dallas residence.
Walker announced last week that he had raised more than $5 million in the second half of last year, nearly triple the amount collected by his likely Democratic foe, Mary Burke, in the same period.

Who is this Harlon Crow anyway?

 Harlan Crow, age 62
Est. net worth: Hundreds of millions
Source of wealth: Real estate; Crow Holdings
2012 favorite: Has given $180K to Rick Perry's gubernatorial campaigns since 2004—plus millions to state and national conservative causes. But Crow Holdings bundled $25K for long-shot GOP contender Jon Huntsman.
Dark-money potential: High. Crow, who sat on the founders' committee of the anti-tax think tank Club for Growth, gave $125K to the Swift Boat Vets circa 2004. He's also given nearly $900K to Texans for Lawsuit Reform and donated $500K to help the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas start a tea party group.
Grab bag: The gardens at Crow's $24 million estate feature statues of notorious historical figures like Mao, Stalin, and Gavrilo Princip—the assassin who sparked World War I.

Just your ordinary average guy who wants good clean government for the good citizens of Wisconsin even though he lives in Texas, obviously.  

Of course his love of dictators and psychopaths has to be examined and might better explain his love of Scott Walker:

 Crow's mansion is known for its backyard garden full of statues and relics of dictators, assassins and despots -- including Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, and Joseph Stalin -- and such World War II Axis figures as Benito Mussolini and Hermann Göring, commander of Nazi Germany's air force.

I wonder how many of the dead dictators did Scott Walker get his picture taken with?  How much money did his fundraising trip cost the taxpayers of WI? How much money did Walker make on this little evening with the psychos?  Is Scott Walker ever in WI?

If you want to know where your Governor is, this handy little website from should help!  


  1. Looking into Stalin's past as a fascist (most definitely NOT communist) leader is most noted by his love of all things money, riches and bourgeois. He was the king of bureaucratic nepotism. He rewarded those closest to him with money, land and cars. He gave political handouts to everyone who would do as he said. Now, if that doesn't sound like a GOP politician, I don't know what does....

  2. Here is another list of "DICKtaters":

    1. Just the other day Jeff was writing about one name on the list "Luke Hilgemann: He's Americans for Prosperity's chief operating officer."

      Americans for Hypocrisy!

  3. As a state employee hammered with the new state employee vacation and sick leave policy, I'm interested to know how many hours per week is he scheduled to be at his job as gov, and how many hours of vacation time does he earn per year as an employee with three years?

  4. Does Harlan Crow's backyard garden contain a statue of Adolf Hitler?

  5. Harlan Crow covets a statue of Pol Pot. Violent dictator who murdered 1/4 of the people in his country, and infamous for his quote 'To keep you is of no benefit-to destroy you is no loss'. and Crow also has Hitler paintings.

  6. And the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker was a guest at Harlan Crow's mansion. What does it say about Scott Walker's character that he associates with a man who collects and displays statues and artwork of mass murderers?

  7. Some call Scott Walker, Governor. I call him whore.