Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gramling Perez Looking Strong In Race For Branch 32

Laura Gramling Perez issued a press release which shows she is in a strong position for the final two months leading up to the April 1 election for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 32:
Laura Gramling Perez, candidate for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 32, filed her campaign finance report on Friday, which showed her campaign raising more than $80,000 over the course of 2013. The campaign is in a strong position, with more than $58,000 cash on hand and numerous recent endorsements from elected officials and law enforcement groups.

“The support I’ve received so far in my campaign has been truly phenomenal,” said Laura Gramling Perez. “I’m very thankful to all of the people who have endorsed me and contributed financially. It is because of them that my campaign is in such a strong position going in to the last two months of the election. I’m looking forward to continuing this momentum and building even more support among the people I hope to serve as Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge.“

Over the past few weeks, the campaign has also announced the endorsements of the Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Milwaukee Police Supervisors’ Union, and the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council. Gramling Perez also has the endorsement of more than two-thirds of mayors and village presidents in Milwaukee County, as well as hundreds of attorneys and community leaders.

“It’s been amazing to watch Laura’s support grow across Milwaukee County,” said Matthew O’Neill, shareholder at Fox, O'Neill & Shannon, S.C. “She has the knowledge and the experience to be a valuable member of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. I know that Milwaukee County will be well served with her on the bench.”
A look at her list of endorsements reveals that she is indeed in a good position and is receiving support across the political spectrum. It is also worth noting that along with an impressive number of judges, court commissioners and attorneys, Gramling Perez has also earned the endorsements of former DA Michael McCann as well as the Deputies' Association and Police Supervisors' Organization.

I would also point out that Gramling Perez has recently been the subject of a (rather feeble) smear campaign by the corporate special interests, which tells us that she would be a judge that will enforce the law and not the wishes of the special interests.

I am proud to be among those that support Gramling Perez and I look forward to voting for her on April 1.

To learn more about Laura Gramling Perez, please visit her website or her Facebook page.  If you wish to support Gramling Perez, you can contribute to her campaign here.


  1. How naive you are! This candidate has already sold you out a hundred times over...

  2. Or did YOU just sell your followers out, instead for Laura Perez?

    Hate to say it, but unless your byline is a lie, you got bamboozled by Perez!!