Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Dennis Smith Ethics Test

By Jeff Simpson

WiscTV's Jessica Arp, somehow found Scott Walker in the state and was able to ask him a couple of questions.  While Blinky McBlinkerson dodged the questions(of course), readers of Cogdis know that Walker, blatantly lied to Ms. Arp.

“Since I took office on Jan. 3 I’ve had a very clear standard in terms of a very comprehensive ethics package,” Walker said. “We actually have our staff and cabinet go through training and they have to sign a code of conduct.”
That ethics policy says that employees use of personal laptops or phones during the day should be limited, and that Blackberries and work computers should not be used for purposes unrelated to state business.
That doesn't speak to the use of personal email addresses, which is what both Walker and other aides used in the Milwaukee County office to discuss both campaign and county business.

Lets go back a few months and remember Dennis Smith.  Dennis Smith was Scott Walker's handpicked Head of  Department of Health Services.   Dennis Smith, used State of Wisconsin supplied computers, phones and staff to carry on an affair with his subordinate and child hood crush Mary Spear.  

Dennis Smith's punishment for violating Scott Walker's phantom code of ethics?

None.     He fled Wisconsin, after we outted the affair here at CogDis!

So either Scott Walker has a very poor memory or his "comprehensive ethics package" is not so clear nor ethical!



  1. Has the Gov been asked by the press about the 2nd John Doe investigation? Perhaps his memory might be a little better in regards to this matter considering that it is ongoing and not “old news”

  2. Smith came highly recommended by the Heritage Foundation, so it appears that membership in that org serves as substitute for Mr Walker's rigorous ethics code, no questions asked...

  3. OMG this is irony! Doing one thing while getting paid by taxpayers to do another is NOW a big deal? What about this blog?

  4. Maybe the "code of conduct" that Walkers people sign starts out with something like "I will not get caught ..."
    Walker doesn't seem to care what crimes or just plain crude behavior his staff are doing, he just cares about them getting caught doing it.

  5. Walker says reviewing the email isn't worth his time...really? What is worth his time?? Campaigning? Reviewing donors needs for tax relief? Pandering to donors? Traveling the country lying that WI is moving forward but unable to show results? Signing autographs? Because a whole lot of what Walker spends his time doing is UNRELATED TO HIS JOB as Governor.

  6. Funny how Walker's talking points now include code of conduct, which we all know is not true, as we find out that the attorney he paid big money to for keeping Walker out of jail is now trying to get John Doe 2 shut down. Why, if Walker is innocent? Why is Walker's attorney involved?? When is the WI press going to press Walker hard?? We all know Walker cannot talk off point - he talks in circles on a good day for crying out loud. I have never seen any politician sound as moronic as Walker, have such ineffective policies, abuse their office and still have high approval ratings. Walker is one of the biggest weasels in politics - and people still defend him. I really don't understand how Republicans have sunk to such low life levels...

  7. I think Dennis Smith and Heritage Foundation provide ample policy fodder; I do not think we need to keep bringing up his dalliance. We've heard enough to pass judgment on morality and character; we don't want to seem to sink to the level of attack ads. I still feel bad for the women involved; she seemed very troubled.
    Dennis Smith's desire to all but eliminate Medicaid, diminish Medicare, and privatize these services will be devastating to millions of Americans. (Smith and HF's vision does not include the ACA). He may be less prone to distribute federal and state human service and health aid than Paul Ryan. WI was fortunate to part ways.
    Rejecting Medicaid expansion hurts enough people. Let's not allow SKW's attempt to make himself into Tea-party Presidential Candidate Ken doll irreparably harm more of Wisconsin's most vulnerable citizens.

  8. Icould not disagree more. His dalliance's mean a great deal. He preyed on a weak subordinate for his own personal gain and destroyed two families in the process. He did it alol using WI taxpayer money, and equipment did his job horribly and was rewarded for his behavior with more wing nut welfare and a high paying job in DC.

    ALL the while his boss, who has a "comprehensive ethics package" never spoke a bad word about him much yet punished him.

    The walkerites in fitzwalkerstan are like a drunken spoiled fraternity running roughshod over our Government and taxpayer dollars. That is an important story, more important than the horrendous policies that coime out of Heritage.