Monday, February 10, 2014

Everything in Moderation

From the Daily Page - Talaga/Lyons:


  1. Spit/spat with Walker over minimum wage last week, what MSM chosen tripe for this week? Team Burke having any sense, would counter and challenge Walker by doubling down and declaring firm commitment to a $15/hr min wage. Give State D candidates a challenge to move toward actually standing and running on a clear difference. Move the freaking goalposts to the left, with every challenge from the right. Stand for something, fer keerist sake.

    Still no clear statement about public vs private schools (demand claw back from current voucher give-aways and return $ 1.6B prior cuts to public schools/teachers), no statement about marijuana, no statement about what they meant (Feb 2, Gousha) about a "level playing field for manufacturing," (what send more of it to China, reduce enviro regs, penalize labor?) no clear statement about dismantling WEDC (so far, they would eventually take a look at it), nothing on mining aside from there must be a way to do it with environmental safety in mind, oh, right. Can progressives hop on dismantling the castle doctrine, concealed carry and open carry, get beyond the perpetual neoliberal, nonplussed, unadulterated stagnation of imagination.

    Something novel, how about a declaration to withhold all spending of any advertising dollars with FAUX, or MJS or any state broadcast outlets they perceive too biased toward favoring the right-wing agendas and then pointing out WHY. Why not control the message, invent a narrative? What we have is a failure to communicate any message, with campaign advisors positioning for job security for themselves for this and the next election cycle.

  2. Did I hit the nail on the head with my first comment? I always wonder with such little response. Maybe this piece on free tuition from Senator Vinehout over at Uppity WI, will not be lost in the comment shuffle.

    Good to see that Ms Vinehout and crew are on the job for the rest of us.

    No War But Class War