Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Walker Camoflage

By Jeff Simpson

The GOP Governor's Association, led by Chris Christie, has made an appearance in WI, attacking Democratic candidate Mary Burke(not promoting their righty darling Scott Walker's policies).  

Of course this ad spend of deep into 6 figures, entitled "backwards" was authorized by Chris Christie who apparently thought it was titled  "backup".

Internal emails released Wednesday strongly suggest that a top aide to New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie orchestrated massive traffic problems in Fort Lee, New Jersey, last fall as an act of political retribution against the city's Democratic mayor.

What is most telling is that the criticisms labeled at Mary Burke, still make Scott Walker look bad since his record is one of massive failure, even compared to Jim Doyle and the global recession of 2008.

 The 30-second TV ad blasts Burke, a former Wisconsin commerce secretary, for job losses during the administration of former Gov. Jim Doyle.

*  No chance to even come close to Scott Walker's 250,000 jobs promise.  

Wisconsin leads the nation in jobless claims(so proud).

*  In what has become an almost daily story, another WI institution is closing their doors! 

Did I mention the job creation promise?

It also accuses Trek, the family company for which Burke served as an executive, of outsourcing jobs to China.

*  At least she has experience in the business world and the private sector unlike career politician Scott Walker.   

*  Under Scott Walker's reign, WI leads the country in jobs outsourced to China! 

* Then of course there is this


Mary Burke has flaws, and is running a horrendous campaign but there is a reason no one will bring in outside money to tout the competence and record of Scott Walker.  Walker's record needs to be covered up! 

Here is Scott Walker with Communist China's president Xi Jinping:



  1. Wisconsin Republicans should be outraged a Commie is in their midst. His outreach to Commie China demonstrates his leadership in outsourcing jobs to Commie China.

    Time for all true blooded Americans to confront leading Wisconsin Republicans for being in bed with the Commie Chinese

    Republican hypocrisy remains stuck on infinite.

    1. Ron Johnson calls outsourcing jobs to China "creative destruction."

  2. Walker isn't a conservative, he is really a social leveler where it comes to the working class, with his constant attempts to instill envy against those who make a few bucks an hour more than their neighbors. But when it comes to the wealthy he becomes social engineering innovator, constantly finding ways to siphon more money to the richest citizens, using quack ideology, economics and religion to justify it.

    Burke has run a somnolent campaign so far, but has finally changed some of her position the minimum wage and one hopes she will see the light on collective bargaining and the horrid environmental mess the state is in. One very intelligent thing she has already done is to hire an excellent consulting firm which specializes in data mining and use of social media to locate and turn out likely voters:

    This firm played an instrumental role in the election of Terry Mcaullife as Governor of Virginia over some Tea Party lunatic whose name I have deliberately forgotten. Mcaullife. is a breath of stale Clintonista air, in my opinion, but his election was a significant defeat for the Baggers and their Oligarchic sponsors. If this firm can perform as well in Wisconsin the Democrats may be able to turn a couple senate seats due to a more efficient voter turnout effort.

  3. There was a news story last week about a California legislator who was found to have received illegal foreign campaign contributions through one of these dark money conduits. Do we really know where all of Walker's bucks are coming from? His efforts to allow more foreign ownership of Wisconsin farm land and recent trip to China might make one wonder.

    1. Good call on the sketchy legislation that allows for more foreign ownership and no-bid sales. Typical Rovian maneuver to try to deflect from Scotty's sketchy dealings.

      And tracking the money on donations? What'd day think John Doe Deux is about....along with stuff they first discovered in Milw Co?

  4. Folks in northern Wisconsin are beginning to ask if the ultimate goal of the GTAC proposed open pit mine and the change in mining laws isn't a precursor to selling the land to China

  5. Scott Walker is a fraud. He is a career politician who leveraged the benefits of a few to the detriment of the many for his own self-serving benefit. He uses the divide and conquer strategy along with a healthy dose of demagoguery to advance his private ambitions. Rules of fair play and law do not apply to Scott Walker. He cannot fall fast enough, far enough or soon enough to offset the damage he has inflicted on Wisconsin.

  6. When Walker was on his trade meeting trip in China, was he getting advise on how to trample the poor or was he giving the advise?