Friday, February 21, 2014

Scott Bauer

By Jeff  Simpson

Scott Bauer - Associated Press - @sbauerAP


PS:  Has Scott Walker ever actually shown up and worked at a job he has held? 


  1. So much for the right wing mythology that Bauer is part of the "liberal media."

    Associated Press should be considering whether Bauer should remain employed as a "journalist."

  2. I remember reading that as Governor, Walker's work record was very similar to this report. He has the kind of "vacation" schedule (personal time off the job) no public employee has ever dreamt of. You'd think that would be enough for voters to realize they aren't getting what they are paying for.

  3. Maybe it's a good thing that he takes so much personal time. It may minimize the damage he can do to the State of Wisconsin.

  4. Keep in mind that the AP is virtually the *only* source of state news for the many Gannett newspapers in Wisconsin. The coverage of the document dump in those papers, which serve probably 1/4 of the state population, has been atrocious. The Green Bay Press Gazette is an example.

    1. Only one of the three main TV networks in the Green Bay market even ran a story about the emails. IIRC it was WFRV two days ago and nothing from any of them since.

    2. Seriously? Even the conservative bunch in MKE mentioned the emails.

  5. Thanks for the AP link, Jeff.

    To Scott Bauer

    How about a real story on who funds the Marquette poll?

    How about a less leading comment such as Democrats are learning the truth about Walker's involvement, rather than your pathetic, "editorializing" about them using the, "embarrassing," emails to attempt to liken Walker to Christie?

    You forgot to mention the warning from Walker to his staff about laptops and county time may have been an order to destroy evidence the day before subpoenas were served and records were seized.

    A prosecutor's discretion to not file charges, does not eliminate guilt, and being re-elected in a recall in this case was due to outside money being spent, yet you conflate that win as some reason to ignore the facts coming out in the email release.

    Biased and as amateur an article as i have ever read.

  6. Part-time Guv, full-time grifter.

  7. I just Googled "Scott Bauer Walker emails." The first page of Google lists Walker emails stories written by Scott Bauer. As the email shows, Scott Bauer is not an outside observer to this story. He is part of the story. Which news outlet is going to act like a real actual Ed Murrow type of news outlet and report how the Associated Press reporter was feeding inside knowledge about Mark Neuman's campaign to Scott Walker's campaign.

    Bauer violated journalistic ethics standards.

    1. Now we know that Scott Bauer ISN'T a journalist. He's a PR consultant for the Scott Walker Campaign.

      VERY disappointing, Mr. Bauer. I expect more from a *journalist*, which, apparently, you are not.

  8. I don't have much of a problem with Bauer's conduct here- he's just trying to get a quote from the Walker camp as part of a news story.

    What I do have a problem with is that it's symptomatic of "both sides journalism" where the only thing reported is what the two parties say. There is no work being done by Bauer to check up on the charge, he's just being a stenographer.

    I saw this type of "journalism" go on all the time during the last 3 years, where Walker would say a lie, and the media would just shrug and say "We can't say whether that's true or not, it's not our job to decide."

    Hey media, IT IS YOUR JOB TO DECIDE, and the fact that you fall short is one reason I started blogging more, because someone has to cut through the Walker BS


    1. "Keith-
      A few time sheets attached. Neumann added the up and says it comes out to 1021.75 hours of 'personal time' over 14 months - - the equivalent of 128 paid vacation days.

      They are going to attack Walker for working what they call "part-time hours" while he campaigns for governor leaving taxpayers in the lurch.


      * Where is the request for a quote?

      * By being apparently an active participant in this story, where does is this fall on the continuum of reporting the news vs. making the news and then reporting on the news you made?

      * How did Bauer become aware of this, and if it was a source within the Neumann campaign, what did or do they think about this email which apparently serves as a 'heads up' for the Walker campaign? Hard to believe that someone within the Neuman campaign would tell Bauer this knowing it would be passed on to Walker's campaign.


    2. Jake, I respectfully disagree.

      This evidence shows “reporter” Scott Bauer is in bed with the Walker campaign. That points to one reason why Wisconsin media lets Walker get away with so much.

      This evidence is a big deal. What Bauer did is a conflict of interest that interferes with doing his job reporting. On top of that, the Koch-connected Media Trackers attacks Bauer as “liberal media” whereas he is really a Walker concubine.

      I wonder how many other “journalists” are getting down and dirty with Walker’s people.

  9. Send this to Jim Romenesko.
    Highly influential media blog.
    Contact info on front page there.
    Will give you credit and get you lots of eyeballs if he posts on this.

    1. Hey Scott Bauer: Since you are probably following this, why don't you self report this to Jim Romenesko? There must be some simple and innocent explanation for how this happened. Right?

      So now would be a good time to get out in front of this train, before it wrecks.

  10. Here is an interesting email regarding furloughs:

    "From: Tom Nardelli
    To:; Kelly; Kgilkes; RJ; Russell; RJ; SKW; Villa
    Subject: RE: 2011 Budget idea
    Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 4:22:15 PM
    Everything needs to be on the table for consideration, but not all should be used. We are in a
    campaign. I love the idea of outsourcing and even offering our services to other govt entities to raise
    revenues as well. We need to think out of the box. If all we propose are cuts it will hurt us at the
    ballot box, in my view. We are never going to get DC48, so I would furlough the hell out of them. Find
    the most senior members and burn them a new one!

  11. Here' s another one that just good for a laugh:

    From: Keith Gilkes - Champion Group, LLC
    Subject: RE: Attorney's Have Ratified!
    Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 3:46 PM
    Fran – one technical suggestion on this line: "I am pleased that the members of the county attorneys union voted today to approve a contract that included
    the wage and benefit reforms we included in the 2010 budget.”

    Take the “we” and change into “the County Board and I” or something along those lines to note that the County board and Scott agreed on them together.

    Give that County Board working with County Executive impression."

  12. The Mafia would buy reporters. These reporters would still report crimes committed by the Mafia, but only crimes that are already public knowledge, shielding the Mafia from exposing their worst crimes and keeping secret the reporters and politicians the Mafia owned.

    So let’s examine how the right wing Newsbusters criticized Walker-lackey Scott Bauer for being “liberal (sic) media.”

    - No one was more blatantly biased than the AP's Scott Bauer, who repeatedly insisted in 2011 and 2012 that the law "strip(s) most public employees of their union right to collectively bargain." It does not. While Act 10 sharply limits the scope of what can be negotiated, it does not eliminate unions' right to exist, or to negotiate.

    Wow! How liberal is that for Bauer to report! Next Bauer will write that the DNR manages natural resources, whereas their job is to streamline the development of wetlands and approve massive open pit mines.

    - Scott Bauer employed at the Associated Press yesterday, USA Today's Ben Jones did his level best to cast Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the richly funded perpetual campaigner, while portraying Walker's recall challenger, former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, as the underfunded man of the people underdog.

    Thank God out-of-state billionaires kept their contributions to Walker under $100 million.

    - Leave it to the Associated Press's Scott Bauer to take shots at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker -- in seeming orchestration with Democratic Party officials -- for limiting his public recall election appearances because of unsafe conditions leftists in the Badger State have created, "public safety" officials have too often condoned, and the establishment press has generally downplayed for well over a year.

    So this is why Walker is avoiding the press to address how Rindfleisch’s emails expose the corrupt, disgusting and racist behavior of the Walker administration

  13. -- major expose!