Sunday, March 29, 2015

Angela Walker: Milwaukee All Star

It's nice to see my friend, Angela Walker, get the recognition she so richly deserves:
Earlier this week, posted an article featuring 13 Milwaukeeans working to improve the city's social and economic inequalities.

Angela Walker, who was born and raised in Milwaukee, was one of the people highlighted in the article, in part, because of her commitment to activism and her work at Wisconsin Jobs Now.

She also served as a bus driver for 14 years and ran for sheriff against David Clarke, receiving an impressive 67,000 votes. Angela is engaged in her community, a huge supporter of libraries and works tirelessly to promote public education, fair law enforcement and more.

"Everyday people who resist injustice where they are and believe in the dignity of all communities are my inspiration," she says.
I'm very proud to call Angela a friend and am honored to have her on our side.

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