Friday, March 27, 2015

Wistful Wiggy

By Jeff Simpson

As Zach at Blogging Blue pointed out recently, Waukesha's own Jim Wigderson recently tweeted about the unarmed African American teenager that was recently shot in Madison.

james wigderson @jwigderson
If Tony Robinson was put away for the time armed robbery should get, he might be alive today. But some people don't want to hear that.
Wisconsin incarcerates more black men than any other state in the country and that is not enough for Wigderson.   

Then I realized with Wiggy it is not about incarcerating more African Americans, its much more than that.   Wiggy was rolling James Causey's facebook page when he saw Mr. Causey ripped on Wiggy's hero - George Zimmerman

 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist James Causey continues the newspaper’s pursuit of a quality, civilized debate on the issues confronting our country:
While Wiggy has a deep jealousy of anyone who writes for JSonline, he also sems to have his week made when an unarmed African American gets shot.

Wiggy was the last hold out and supporter of Wild Bill Kramer and now he is the last cheerleader of George Zimmerman. 

No wonder his only forum  is Charlie Sykes' White Wisconsin.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Wisconsin Republican Party!    Is this really who we want running our state?

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  1. Talk about a picture saying a thousand words....and a thousand pounds.

  2. Our state has turned into a bad episode of Hee Haw thanks to Governor Grifter & his band of merry enablers.

  3. Well, it's true that if all African-Americans were kept imprisoned, (1) none would be in danger of being shot while unarmed on a city street or in their own homes by white police officers, and (2) Republican politicians could relax efforts directed at disenfranchising specifically African-American voters — so, yes, it would solve those two problems.   Now would the solution be worth the cost?   There, opinions might differ....

  4. Considering Chris Liebenthal outweighs anyone in that picture and you aren't exactly Mr. Atlas yourself, Simpson, I don't think that the old obese white guys of cogdis ought to be throwing any stones in the weight department...

  5. I don't see any mention of the persons color in Mr. Wigderson's tweet, seems it's you Jeff that brought race into this discussion.

    1. I get that Wiggy is not the brightest bulb on the tree and the people of Waukesha do not really have a firm understanding of the real world. However, both of these cases made NATIONAL news and if Wiggy didn't know the unarmed kids ethnicity that were gunned down then he is even more dense than I imagined.

  6. Wiggy is especially morbidly obese. One imagines the funk that must grow between his skin folds and under his panis. Same for that Jabba the Andre fellow. What a pair- like festering heaps of metobolic syndrome...