Sunday, March 1, 2015

Warren Whacks Walker

As the gentle reader is already aware, Scott Walker is catching hell for his inane comment comparing Wisconsin workers exercising their First Amendment Rights to extremist terrorists,

Walker should catch hell for it. He also should publicly apologize for it.

One of the more cutting remarks came from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who, in one sentence, cut through all of Walker's malarkey:

Indeed, who are Walker's friends?

There are the ultra conservative billionaires and millionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Boyz (even the fake ones). Walker has his nose so far up their butts he could tell you what they had for breakfast.

Another good friend of Walker's is Michael Grebe, head of the Bradley Foundation. Grebe also served as Walker's campaign chair. One doesn't have to go farther than that to see why Walker is gutting public education and opening the state to a hostile private takeover of the state's education system. The Bradley Foundation has spent millions of dollars to push school profiteering, including the Bell Curve, a study that says that poor children - most of whom are African American - are "incapable of benefiting from an education."

Not all of Walker's friends are rich and infamous. Some are poor and infamous.

Two glaring examples are Tim Russell and Brian Pierick.

Russell is a lifelong friend of Walker's. Russell served in various positions under Walker during his time as Milwaukee County Executive, as well as working on most of Walker's campaigns.

Russell was convicted of stealing money from a veterans fund and from two political campaigns. He used that money to go on lavish vacations and to meet with then presidential hopeful Herman Cain.

Russell was just released from prison after serving a two year sentence. He actually got off pretty easy, considering how many other things they could have gotten him on, including illegal politicking and setting up a secret router in order to avoid FOIA requests.

Pierick, who is/was Russell's business and life partner, was convicted of trying to entice an underage boy during a sexting exchange. (Warning: The dialogue is very graphic.)

The ironic thing about Warren's tweet is that Walker would agree with her. Just one year ago, Walker said pretty much the same thing:
Asked how voters might judge governors who bid for the presidency, Walker replied: “Governors should be defined not just by what they do and say, but who they surround themselves with, making sure to have the smartest person for a particular task or to head a specific agency. They should be judged on that basis and who they take advice from.”
It's safe to say that Walker has failed on all accounts.


  1. Capper, thanks.

  2. In one sentence, Elizabeth Warren succinctly sums up the true nature of Scott Walker - something mainstream media seems unable (or unwilling) to do.

    1. Precisely. Which is one if many reasons I am a proud member of the Warren Wing

  3. TEA PARTY plan:

    "BTW we are open to using a different name other than as a TEA Party Group. We are currently using that because that is
    we have the corporation set up as a 501
    and we are also a licensed Wisconsin Charitable Organization Lic. No. 13876
    We also hold a
    valid Wisconsin Raffle License under the TEA
    Party name so we can take advantage of this right now! It would
    take some time to
    set up a
    New organization
    that would qualify for all this
    p to a Year so that

    s why we are starting out
    under the TEA Party Name. "

  4. Secret routers......

    The plan is for us to set up county coordinators in each of the 72 Wisconsin counties
    . Right
    now the only requirement is for you to have the wil
    l and desire to be able to follow thru regarding
    staying in touch with the leadership in each of your particular groups and to be able to contact the
    members of each of those groups through
    means. (We can help with that). "