Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Van Wanggaard Knows The Room

By Jeff Simpson

Van Wanggaard is an ex-cop and he knows how to read people.  When you have that kind of training and you spend everyday with the Republican thugs in the Wisconsin legislature, what do you do?

Carry a gun of course!

MADISON — A Wisconsin state senator says he brought a concealed gun to a committee hearing.
Van Wanggaard, a Racine Republican and a former police officer, is chairman of the Senate judiciary committee

Working with Senator Vukmir and Lasee on a daily basis will make anyone want to protect themselves.


  1. Men that are "undersized" (you know what I mean) often carry guns to compensate for having a tiny you-know-what. Obviously, this is the case here.

  2. The illusive Sen Lasee, R-Racine, no known address to list on his legislative page yet, aside from the city of De Pere.

    Wanggaard likely lent him a handgun to use living on the street if he ever feels compelled to visit the 1st District where he was elected.

  3. If you get nose picker stuck in the trigger gaard Van, you will shoot off your Wang and become Van Rightwangnutless.

  4. Question: If all of our Tea Party Republican members of the Legislature are unintimidated, tough guys - why the need for guns? I argue that our Legislature is run by mobsters (mafia), who are on the take, willingly break laws, and flash guns to intimidate. You even have a few that like their mistresses like Vos and Fitz. Congrats WI, you have handed over the keys to the WI piggy bank to MOBSTERS. Hey, hardworking taxpayers, Don't be surprised when they rob you blind and try to intimidate you for calling them out.