Sunday, March 1, 2015

Walker Performs Poorly With Big Money Base

It's not a good sign for Scott Walker when the Club for Growth, one of the dark money groups he needs to support his presidential bid, starts to slap him around:
Frayda Levin, a member of the Club for Growth’s board of directors who was moderating a question-and-answer session, told Walker that he left donors unimpressed at a meeting in New York earlier this month. That private session came one day after another controversial Walker event where Rudy Giuliani declared that President Barack Obama does not love America.

“To be honest, the feedback was you were not prepared to speak about foreign policy,” Levin, who supports Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for president, told Walker. “So can you tell us what you’re doing to prepare for foreign policy should you run for president?”

Walker seemed a little caught off guard.
Walker then said he was ready to deal with all of the complicated foreign policy issues because he once had breakfast with Henry Kissinger.

Yeah, that's like saying that Walker is ready to deal with Putin because he's watched all the Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes with Boris Badenov.

After trotting out his tired and thoroughly debunked line about Reagan scaring the Russions by firing government workers, Walker then got caught flat-footed again:
On domestic policy, Walker gave vague answers about whether the Dodd-Frank financial reform law should be amended or repealed, along with what changes he’d make to the tax code.

“If you make something as fair as possible, people will be able to complete,” he said when asked about Dodd-Frank. “Let freedom drive the path.”

The non-answer bothered the moderator, so she gave him another chance.

“You have some of your constituents here who have just been audited” because of the law, she said. “You have several community banks, and this is taking a huge toll. Are you just not that aware of what’s happening with Dodd-Frank?”

“Oh, no,” Walker said. “I understand the concern. My point is I’m going to lay out a whole plan not just on this but a whole series of things should I choose to be a candidate for president.”

“It’s not just about Dodd-Frank; it’s about the entire regulatory framework,” he added. “You don’t just nitpick one piece at a time. You have to take on the whole package.”

Asked about what changes he’d make to the tax code, Walker promised “exceptionally detailed plans” down the road.
It should be noted that in 2006, the national Club for Growth (not to be confused with the Wisconsin Club for Growth) chose to support Mark Neumann over Walker when he first ran for governor. Their decision was based on actually looking at Walker's budgets as Milwaukee County Executive.

This also displays the truth about Walker. He excels at presenting a certain image and staying on his talking points, regardless of how full of holes and lies that they might be. But he is not smart enough or adept enough to think on his feet and cannot respond to anything that is not in his carefully crafted script.


  1. Scott Walker is a Lightweight who cannot think on his feet for his life.

  2. Another, "Oh, look at my bald-spot," still stuck in his recitation of memorized talking points in his interview with Chris Wallace and, god told him to wait on an official announcement of joining the race in order to keep securing unlimited PAC funds for his American Reviling.

  3. He will not be a candidate. The more he orates in these conservative protected settings the more he steps on his tongue and shows he lacks in knowledge even relative to domestic affairs. The money will not follow him for a national run. It was one thing to finance him in Wisconsin and give him the ALEC playbook and a Republican legislator so that he could run roughshod over the state. But he can't even give a coherent on point answer to a little kid asking about climate change. He's kind of like the Gov. of Texas who showed last time that he couldn't think on his feet. Walker is looking more like Palin than a presidential consideration. My God he can't run on what he's done to Wisconsin....destroyed the economy. education and environment!

  4. Those that dismiss walker based on this report don't get it - once walker blows the big money men, he will get all the financial backing he needs.

    He needs merely to temporarily peel his lips of those old and moldy Koch carrot sticks and he will have a blank check for his political ambitious.

  5. The money won't follow a loser indefinitely. Even Adelson tossed Gingrich aside, eventually. Sad that the state couldn't have had this type of look at him. But he refused to sit down with anyone that would ask tough questions and the populace gave him a free pass on it. This is one dumb MFer.

  6. Even Boris Badenov (pronounced BAD ENOUGH) was a union member.
    VTSU local 105.
    Villains Thieves and Scoundrel's Union
    The show was in fact packed with political satire. In one episode Capt Peter Peachfuz was able to fly a jet liner by reading the congressional record into the fuel tanks because as we know... Congress is just like a jet plane - it runs on hot air.
    In Walker's case it could propel him to the moon!