Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wisconsin Badgers And The Final Four

By now, the gentle reader has probably heard that the Wisconsin Badgers have made it to the Final Four in the NCAA championships.  Good for them.

Personally, I'm not a basketball fan and have no interest in their success or lack thereof.  If they win the whole deal, great! If they lose their next game, I won't be upset.

That said, I am glad that the Badgers our doing well, not only for the reason of state pride,  but because I love the thought that WTMJ-AM is losing all the revenue and rankings that come along with the Badgers' success.

Even though I don't see it happening, I would love it if the Badger boycotted the Final Four, which is being held in Indiana, which just passed the Right to Bigotry law.  I hope that they at least come out wearing rainbow jerseys, just to make a statement.


  1. One would think the coach and UW would immediately file a formal complain and request a change of venue from the NCAA to another state. It is still basketball season?

    Time to write some letters folks, emails to MJS, Gannett, UW officials and the NCAA.

  2. Well, I hate to rain on your parade. But Clear Channel ain't no panacea of progressive thought, either.

    1. To be honest, is there any radio that hasn't been absorbed by the corporate media?

  3. Charles Barkley is for moving the tourney, but if he is serious he'd be removing himself from the final four if it is not relocated. All bark(ley) with no bite?