Monday, March 23, 2015

There is a Sucker Born Every Minute

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By Jeff Simpson

"There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase most likely spoken by David Hannum, in criticism of both P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid 1800s, and his customers. The phrase is often credited to Barnum himself. It means "Many people are gullible, and we can expect this to continue."

Or maybe a better quote would be

 A Fool and his money are soon parted.  

 Thrice married Charlie Sykes has for some reason, been given access to the states biggest radio waves to have a show every morning full of BS.   If that is not enough, he has also been granted access to the television airwaves every Sunday for a completely unwatchable "news" show.

But wait there is more:

If you are not getting enough of hearing how amazing Scott Walker is, and if you are too lazy to actually look for blogs on your own on the internet, you can subscribe to Charlie Sykes White Wisconsin website for the low price of $9.99/month.

 Where at anytime you can read the regurgitated babblings of James Wigderson, Kevin Binversie amd various reprints of mediatrackkkers ramblings.    An added bonus if you hurry and subscribe today, is you can read about Rebecca Kleefisch's thoughts on the EPA and the Obama Administration.  Riveting reading.

But wait there is more.

You can also buy tickets for Insight 2015 where Charlie Sykes will charge you to sit in an audience and listen to him gush with YOUR elected officials.   You of course will not really be allowed access to your elected officials(Scott Walker and David Clarke are scheduled to attend) just listen to Charlie throw them softball questions and hammer on Democrats.  

(edit note:  For those scoring at home, we are paying Scott Walker's security detail, and the only way we can actually access our elected Governor is by buying a ticket to Charlie Sykes event to see him from a distance.  Shouldn't it be illegal to have to pay to see elected officials?)  

I have to hand it to Charlie, he knows how to rile up the masses and part people from their money.  Well at least the true kool aid drinkers anyway.

I wonder if he is related to Pastor Creflo Dollar?


  1. Sykes is the most arrogant shill for Walker that exists and he takes great pleasure in demeaning and denigrating any dissenters. I tune to 620 only until Sykes comes on at 8;30 and keep it off until the next morning!

    1. I too used to listen to WGOP in the morning until Sykes came on.. then realized that Gene Mueller wasn't much better. So I switched to WUWM/ NPR about a month ago. within 2 minutes, I felt myself getting incrementally smarter and becoming a better person. Free yourself from WGOP-- you have nothing to lose...

  2. sykes is an a--, and I'd be glad to tell him in person.

  3. Sykes may be Walker's biggest broadcast fan, but he is not the massive propaganda machine that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is. At least with Sykes, it is obvious that he is catapulting Walker propaganda.

    MJS has published an article each day promoting Walker as some type of superhuman hybrid that represents the working man and is a cross between Abe Lincoln and Jesus.

    Like everything else this rag publishes about Walker, the pro-Walker stories run daily now are shameless distortion of facts and outright lies. It is preposterous to proclaim the tool of out-of-state multinational corporations and billionaires to be just like the common man -- for crying-out-loud, he illegally coordinates tens-of-millions of dollars in out-of-state cash!

    But MJS and the rest of the rightwing media outlets which republish MJS lies want you to believe this is exactly what typical blue collar working folk's do with the millions and millions of corporate cash they receive!

    Folks need to wake up. The stench of propaganda is unmistakable and telling. Walker will be a major player in 2016 and do it all on the taxpayers' dime. He can be catapulted into the White House via stolen elections like 2000 and then "re-elected" with another stolen election like 2004.

    Folks need to start realizing that the media doesn't publish the type of daily propaganda that MJS has featured recently unless the purpose is to fraudulently hoist this koch shill into the White House.

    On his merits and record, Walker is nothing, but with the mighty wurlitzer fully-behind him on a national level, he will be unbeatable.

    1. EDIT: Should not have said "unbeatable" because Walker cannot win an honest election. He will be UNSTOPPABLE given the media propaganda behind him because US Elections are dog-and-pony shows with unverifiable results.

      2016 will make 2000 look like a model of democracy -- the fix is in!

    2. Your take stopped being interesting the 2nd time you said it. You're now on the 222nd time.

      I hate these people like anyone else with a shred of decency, but until you start organizing rallies across from the JournalComm building on 4th and State, quit boring us.

    3. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


      WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! Like those made a difference in Madison! No wonder the unions stopped organizing them as RTW was crammed through.

      You would ban an honest dialog about how the media works just because you think you get it -- obviously you don't. Nothing is more important to talk about because nothing else at your little blog makes a difference without getting people motivated to fight the media.

      You are one of these folks that thinks "solidarity" is a circle around your own feet -- and then you post on and on about how we are losing this fight.

      When you see the importance of standing with people and supporting them, you will be a part of the change we seek. Posts like this, where you proclaim to speak for everyone else are the anti-solidarity?

      And you are a grad student? Please;...


      RALLIES AT MJS BUILDING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    4. Jake is telling fibs, something he doesn't appreciate when Walker and his cronies do it. It was not until THIS WEEK that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel started publishing a daily pro-Walker propaganda piece that promotes him as a hero to the working class.

      No one has pointed that out here before, yet Jake would ban a dialog about the new push at MJS to sell walker as a credible and important presidential candidate because he is just like us!

      I will have to stop visiting your blog because if you would post such inflammatory falsehoods here towards someone that is obviously on our side, proudly using your name, you reall don't have anything helpful to add to the dialog here or elsewhere.

      Shame on you for flaming someone that brings a different perspective to the table.

    5. Little Jake

      There's a new technology wonder-invention that you obviously didn't hear about. Most computer mice has a SCROLL WHEEL and you don't have to read things that you deam unworthy of your greatness. And on most laptops, there is a scroll too, so you can skip posts without even touching the mouse pad. And if you're using a smartphone or other handheld devise, a quick swipe of your finger will promptly move you past any comments that you already think you know before you have read them.

      You see, there is no reason to flame others in the name of "solidarity". I will have to take a quick peek at the blog you constantly whore here and see just how much meaningful action you are responsible for organizing.

      First rule of solidarity: Make sure you are successfully doing what you demand other's do in the name of "solidarity".

  4. One can only hope that with the Scripps takeover that Charlie will lose his platform. Could not happen soon enough.

    1. They did not purchase these assets to change a money-making formula. As for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it is worth more to its owners as a propaganda machine than as an advertiser-supported source of legitimate information.

      Sykes will lose nothing -- if anything -- he will be given more platforms around the country. Remember, rush limpballs will likely retire when his contract is up as even the corporate media will not pony up the huge bucks he's received in the past, because advertisers have abandoned him in droves.

      Sykes is likely to be the next mouthpiece for the republican party on national radio and just in time for Scotty's presidential bid!

    2. A social media campaign caused Rush to lose sponsors when he called Sandra Fluke names, over the ACA birth control debate. Boycotts do work. His network has lost $300 million in the last quarter, due to sponsors pulling out and bad pr by the public.

  5. "Shouldn't it be illegal to have to pay to see elected officials?"

    No, no, Capper, it's only fair!

    After all, despite public officials already drawing a tax-paid salary, rich folks like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson have to pay them AGAIN to get things done! And very very expensively, too!

    Ordinary people are being asked to pony up comparative pocket change for the privilege of merely SEEING such important and noble and honorable champions of our democracy as these!

    It's not as though we have to pay the onerous sums it would cost us to actually have our interests REPRESENTED by them, as the Kochs and Adelson do!

  6. i took the advise of jake's post. checked his blog. it is full of the same job growth data yada yada yada. there is not one call for action. jake does not attempt to solve the problems he writes about over and over again. jake comes here to attack other posters for not organizing? jake, so where is your organizing?

    1. I lead people to stuff almost every day. It's called a blog, and I recommend you get your own instead of posting five paragraphs of the same crap 5 times a day on someone else's site, and sidetracking from their post.

      If you want to start a site called "JournalComm is right-wing BS", it doesn't cost you anything to do so. Heck, Id be glad to share some of the info with others if there was legit stuff in it, because I agree with your main point.
      You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to rant. Put it to good use.

  7. Jake,
    Don't even waste your time responding., Troll village has descended.

  8. Just a note of thanks to the anonymous mice. You have no idea the level of entertainment value you provide. May continued benightedness by yours. Cheers.

  9. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just ignore the propaganda and it would go away?

    We know it won't, so those that attack and undermine the most important dialog of our time, the media's role in undermining democracy, are really part of the problem; even when they post the same numbers over-and-over-again screaming, "LOOK AT ME!" and offer not solutions other than attacking others.

  10. Free speech is a bitch to little slimy liberal bitches who can't defend their own platform, eh?

    1. WTMJ ain't free speech kid. Give liberals half the "platform" Chuckles the Clown gets on "Wisconsin's Radio Station" and the GOP would never win an election in this state again.

      "Free speech"? Do you really think TMJ and Clear Channel 1130 have anything resembling the variety of voices and opinions that represent Wisconsin's largest media market? And don't say it's because of ratings, because liberal talk has never been tried on the Brewers/Packers station- and Sykes and Icki have never had to scrounge on low power at the end of the dial.

  11. reading comprehension is a bitch for knotsies. Its not about free speech, its about charlie sykes wanting to bleed his audience of every penny he can get his hands on.

    its not about right wing beliefs, its about carnival barker sykes having his hands in your pocket to get every penny he can.

    There is a sucker born every minute and you are it!

  12. Anon-

  13. I still love that Wiggs blocked me on Twitter despite have almost no interaction with me. Scaredy cat much?