Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wisconsin, Scott Walker Just Isn't Into You

Image courtesy of Worley Dervish

Nicholas Confessore and Jonathan Martin at the New York Times wrote an excellent piece about the GOP presidential wannabes and their pandering and butt-kissing of the nation's wealthy conservative cash cows.

In said article, they discuss Walker's galavanting around the country from one fundraiser to another, from one ass-kissing session to another. Walker's attitude towards his current job as governor of Wisconsin was rather nonchalant and full of hubris:
The season of donor events poses hurdles both logistical and ideological: Mr. Bush, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas all sought to attend both the Palm Beach gathering and the overlapping Conservative Political Action Conference, held just outside Washington. Mr. Walker’s appearances at donor conclaves will take him back and forth across the country several times between late January and early March.

In an interview, Mr. Walker said he was unconcerned about the appearance of spending so much time and energy courting donors, noting that he expected to do plenty of retail campaigning in the months ahead.

“Oh, I think along the way I’ll be at plenty of dairy events and farm events and factories just like when I was governor,” Mr. Walker said.
Now, I recognize that all politicians tend to have a massive ego, but Walker has himself convinced that he is already president and is talking about his present job in the past tense.

While some people might think that Walker started running for president when he was reelected at the end of last year. The truth is he started his run the second he want in 2010. Sadly, the good people in Wisconsin will be paying for his hubris and his campaign for decades to come.


  1. capper, great scoop!


  2. What's the price tag for transportation to all these events, and who pays?

  3. "Just like when I was governor." Just posted at James Rowen's that statement sure sounds like there's been an official resignation from the gubernatorial post. Scooter better get on the horn to his American Reviling PAC and change his status first thing Monday. He appears to be in, officially.

    Jethro and Ellie May should officially get the keys to the mansion, eh?

  4. Oh, yikes, does that mean it's Gov. Kleefisch now?

  5. He started running for President in High School. Great post.

  6. First Dude, Joel in the Gov's mansion. The Kleefisch clan will be shitting in tall corn. Why hell, they will be harvesting ducks off the cliff of Maple Bluff.