Monday, March 30, 2015

Scott Walker's Reefer Madness

Last week, Scott Walker appeared at a luncheon in Phoenix, which was emceed by Hugh Hewitt. When he wasn't talking about how the Boy Scouts made him presidential material, he discussed whether to legalize marijuana.

Of course, Walker is against it:
At a luncheon in Phoenix emceed by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Walker said he opposed legalizing marijuana, citing a conversation he said he had with the sheriff of liberal Dane County. "I mean, it’s left of Pravda," Walker said of the political views of county residents, which he compared to the Communist Russian newspaper.

"Even there, the Democrat sheriff said to me last year when this issue came up, 'Whatever you do, please do not sign the legalization of marijuana,'" Walker said. "This was a guy who spent his whole career in law enforcement. He was liberal on a whole lot of other issues. But he said it’s a gateway drug."
Walker and son,
totally not stoned
As unsurprising as Walker's stance is, it is as equally unsurprising that Walker couldn't say he was against it without telling a lie:
Sheriff Dave Mahoney said Monday he had no recollection of such a conversation.

In fact, Mahoney said, he has never had a one-on-one, sit-down conversation on any topic with Walker since he became governor. Any interactions they've had at public events and meetings have been cordial small talk, he said.

"I'd be very interested in knowing when I had a conversation with the governor himself about marijuana," Mahoney said. "I have no idea when that could have possibly occurred."

Mahoney said he participated in one meeting in the governor's office as a member of a lobbying committee of the Badger State Sheriffs' Association where the group expressed opposition to marijuana. However that was more than a year ago and the governor was not present, Mahoney said.
Even something as simple as saying he is opposed to legalizing marijuana is more than Walker can do. He has to lie about it.

There is no logical explanation for it. Perhaps he needed a scapegoat for when this backfires on him. After all, 23 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized pot in some fashion.

Or maybe, just maybe, Walker is a compulsive liar.

Or maybe Walker just needs to light up and loosen up a bit.


  1. Walker must have been stoned. He sure looks stoned.

  2. From today's Wisconsin State Journal: "Update: Dave Mahoney backed Scott Walker's marijuana story in radio interview." (BTW: I like Dave Mahoney; he's in my motorcycle club.)

    Read more:

    1. David, why isn't Gov. Walker ending the "job-killing-state-regulations against marijuana? I would never encourage anyone, who did not already have a serious illness to use it, but the prohibition against alcohol didn't work either. AFAIK, 60% of drug gang's revenue comes from marijuana? Why not turn that into tax revenue for local and state governments? Legalization done right would also jump start urban agriculture with a cash crop.

    2. John do you ever have a new thought? You post the same crap every single time when it comes to marijuana. I've seen it on blogging blue, jsonline, and here. I'm sure you love to copy and paste the same response everytime!

  3. Another Democrat caught in a lie about Walker, and the legions of little liars like Crapper LIEbenthal have to pretend it never happened. You guys are just pathetic.

  4. Gotta love the hate from all sides. Hey, how bout one of you actually offers a solution!?!?!? I know I know I know, it's politics and its not about solutions, its about winning at all cost and belittling everything and everyone around you. If you all could stop being fans of your stupid parties and actually debate real issues like adults, the rest of the world wouldn't find our politics a joke.

  5. Jeebus...Blaska rides a motorcycle? please, let me know when you're out riding, so I can...not be out riding. You're either one stroke or one manhattan away from crashing into some innocent out there.