Friday, March 27, 2015

What They Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Meet Kirsten Kukowski, the communications director for Scott Walker's presidential bid:

As the gentle reader can see from her Twitter profile, she is rather proud of her work.

Except for one thing, she doesn't know where she works apparently.

She claims that she is working for @OurAmericanRevival.  I'm not sure what that is, but it's not Walker's campaign's Twitter account, even though Kukowski does follow it:

To add to the irony, Walker's campaign's Twitter account is actually @OurRevival, which, at the time of this writing, Kukowski apparently doesn't follow.

Apparently, Walker uses the same hiring guidelines that Fox News does - young, blonde and incompetent.

As a tip to Kukowski, keep your resume updated.  Walker has a tendency for throwing staff under the campaign bus for stuff like that.


  1. I hate Walker as much as anyone and consider his staff guilty by association, but this sort of blatant sexist jab does not help us. We should not stoop to it.

  2. I'm wondering whether it's sexism that causes walker to hire attractive young woman without much experience and then firing them after they are blamed for this or that, or after they turn out to be racists or ex hooters girls or whatever. It's certainly a patern. I don't know if it's sexist to point this out, or was it the mention of her hair color that you found sexist? I myself wouldn't agree that the people Fox hires are incompitent. I think they do just what they're hired to do. Might also be the case with Walker's's just a question of what it is they're being hired to do.

  3. I just looked at Kirsten Kukowski's "following" list on Twitter, and she is following the official Our American Revival Twitter page (it's located near the top of the list, which indicates that she just recently started following it), but she has not updated her bio to include the correct Twitter handle for Our American Revival.

  4. She's hot, young, and white, and seemingly smart, so she fits in perfect with the conservative imagery. Who better to hire?!
    You bet it is sexism at its best, but with few exceptions, so is most every persona on Fox News.
    Materialism and commercialism, it all plays into firing up the suburban Milwaukee white housewives who don't have to work and have nothing better but their religious activities and efforts to conform government (and thereby everyone else) to their own internal worldly views.
    These right-y religious and elitists know what they're doing.
    That's why she's working where she is, and for that reason alone: she's hot.

    1. Oh, and she's female, so any shortcomings are much more easily forgiven by supporters. Always.

  5. "Walker has a tendency for throwing staff under the campaign bus...."

    The suitable picture-comment...