Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Compassion and the Cockroaches

Hello all.  First off I wanted to say thank you to all of you who sent well wishes. prayers, thoughts etc..   Special thanks to Capper for keeping everyone informed.

Capper and I are true progressives.  We do not like the turn our state has taken, in terms of working class, education, elderly, mental health services. etc...  We are here to shine some light on that, give our opinions and hopefully spark discussions. Civil discussions(we know we get hyperbolic at times but we do try and stay civil).

Unfortunately that is not where we are at in WI at this point.    Ever since this moment in time, WIsconsin has changed for the worse:

Unfortunately, Scott Walker is most successful when he relies on rallying the least common denominator of society.  As an example, we have trolls, that literally. 24 hours a day leave the stupidest comments and do it all anonymously(its unfortunate that the way our blog is set up that it allows anyone to post anonymously).  

For example, here is a typical post that we get.

Glad to see you're back posting again, Jeff. Say, how's the Chinese Shoe peddling gig going? I saw capper posted a picture of you wearing your brand in front of the xmas tree alongside of some homely creature I'll assume is your wife. Do the rest of the cogdis crew know that while you're posing as a true blue-fist, look for the union label crazy, you're actually the front man for Chinese goods?
Quite the contradiction, if you Democrats had enough brains to detect it. Ta-ta! 
We literally get these comments around the clock.

It is like there is a small undercurrent of society, who have never won at anything in their lives and have been unleashed with each of Scott Walker's victories.   I used to think that the Knot's were the leeches of society but I think now the "Walker base" is one that is not only sick and disturbed but dangerous.   The person(s) whose life revolves around leaving these types of anonymous comments are cockroaches!

Do we really want this nationwide with a Walker Presidency?   IS this what we want to live with going forward as a state?   I would ask for someone on the elected Republican side to denounce this hateful crap but they like walking the line of this unleashed and pretending it is not there.

Bring all of your comments and debate here, even do it anonymously.  However if your life is one where you think the above comment is ok, please seek help.   You are a menace to society and a coward.  

Thank you again everyone for your well wishes, I hope to be back blogging soon.  

Jeff Simpson


  1. Jesus. What a sleezebag.

  2. I get trolls too - just sick people who have nothing else to do - probably some of those walker supporters or die hard repubnuts

  3. Jeff, you are brave and a champion in my book. Two friends, a dedicated and loved maintenance person at a senior care facility, and a long-time public school bus driver died as a result of simple surgeries at a local hospital because complications from infections resulting from their supposed simple procedures. A 40-yr old and a 60-yr old. We can't do better than that in this state is the question.

    Limits from private insurers or limitations from NOT claiming an emergency in US healthcare and then nationalizing the whole process not happening yet is beyond my comprehension. Let the insurance executives and insurance sales personnel, "compete," for a job."

  4. Jeff, you deserve better. So does Wisconsin.

    > "I think now the 'Walker base' is one that is not only sick and disturbed but dangerous."

    There's an old saying: 'the fish rots from the head down.'

  5. I don't get your point, Homer. I mean, it's not like you got called a NAMBLA enabler or anything.

    It sounds to me like you like to dish it the most vile lies and libels out but cry like a little girl when someone points out something FACTUAL about you.

    Too bad they couldn't have installed some self-awareness in you while you were already on the rack for repairs.

    1. I don't get your comment, troll. It's not like anyone got called a NAMBLA enabler or anything. And well, if you're upset about Jeff, and yes, his name is Jeff, telling the truth, you must hate a majority of Wisconsinites who agree that the requests for children's personal information was out of line and more than a little bit creepy.

      Please let us know the next time you point out anything factual, because we don't want to miss what would be a big first for you.

      It is odd that you speak of self-awareness when you show a glaring weakness of that same quality. You are so full of self-loathing that it spills out and you attack other people just to make yourself feel able to tolerate your miserable existence for a few minutes longer. You have even resorted to wishing Jeff would die from his cancer. How utterly sick and depraved is that!

      No, troll, the fact is you really have no power here or anywhere else. You know it, we know it. But instead of bettering yourself, you resort to trolling, just to ease the pain of being you, no matter how fleeting that ease might be.

      Consider yourself fortunate that we are allowing your comment to stand - for now. No others will have that luck.


    2. Oh, give me a break, I've never read such projection. You and your pal Homer do NOTHING but troll on this heavily-moderated blogsite, calling out local Republican political figures with ridiculous challenges that could never be met, and.spewing your hate, insults and lies.

      You are NOT civil, or reasonable, or even patriotic. You are both classless and contemptible guttersnipes. You deserve every arrow that comes back at you.

      Get a life, both of you.


    3. It's their blog so they're the writers, not the trolls. If you paid attention, you'd know their targets are often Democrats. Yes, you are left behind and bitter. However, nothing entitles you to spew ignorance and bad manners. Pull yourself up by those bootstraps and come back when you have something to contribute.

      Glad you're doing better, Jeff.

    4. anan at 11:12
      Your comments supporting trash such as criticizing someone's wife show exactly what is wrong with the current GOP and shows the core belief of the people running this party. I suppose you agree with the recent comments about the first lady. My guess is you also support the insults aimed at the Obama kids. Jeff, the problem isn't the trolls, rather the trolls are a symptom of an entire belief symptom of hatred. Look at the governor they cheer on, a man who appears to lie about threats made about his wife to gain sympathy.
      Why did I post anonymously you might ask, because of a real concern that there will be retaliation towards my children who are state workers.

  6. Jeff, thanks for taking the high road. Nice to see we still have some civil people left in Wississippi.

  7. Interesting article I came across tonight: The Troll Hunters

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Jeff.

  8. Good to know you see the light. Conservatives are filth. Kumbaya was for the 60s. The only good conservative is a dead conservative.