Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wisconsin Loses Jobs To Minnesota Due To RTW

While Scott Walker and the other Teapublicans were busy pandering to their corporate overlords by rushing through so-called "Right to Work" legislation, Minnesota Republicans were leveraging this to their advantage by trying to get companies to relocate to their state.

It didn't take long for Walker's folly to work to their advantage:
A Wisconsin business owner upset over enactment of a right-to-work law and other policies says he is expanding in Minnesota because the economic policies there are more conducive for his operation.

James Hoffman, president of Hoffman Construction in Black River Falls, said Monday that he was accelerating plans to expand an office in Lakeville, Minnesota, that currently has two full-time employees.

Hoffman testified against the right-to-work bill that passed the Wisconsin Legislature last week and that Gov. Scott Walker signed on Monday.

Hoffman says he worries that the law will cost his business money and he believes Minnesota's proposal to increase spending on transportation projects that his highway construction business could bid on would be good for his operation.
Minnesota has been beating Wisconsin in almost every economic measure for the past few years. It's easy to understand when one considers that they have two governors - their own and Walker - working to help them out.


  1. Walker doesn't care about Wisconsin jobs or even Wisconsin at all. He's obviously posturing to the extreme right wing element that's behind the wheel of the GOP right now. Unfortunately, the good people of this state will have to live with the barren, scorched earth that Mr. Blind Ambition will be leaving behind. Some day, Scott Walker will just be a nasty little fart blowing in the winds of Wisconsin history.

  2. Selective quoting i see... Let me catch that last sentence for you and place it here:

    "Hoffman says the decision is based on business, not politics."

    Interesting..... Furthermore, it is an acceleration of plans to expand in Minnesota, not a change in plans to expand in MN instead of WI.

    I will give you credit however, at least the link wasn't to a lingerie website this time...

    You liberals are great for laughs!

    1. But you forgot the really funny part -- after all the divisive policies pushed by Republicans under the "Open for Business" rubric, liberal, tolerant Minnesota turns out to be a better place to do business. Go figure.