Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Top Aide To Boss Abele Bails On Him

The rats keep fleeing the sinking ship:
The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is proud to announce the hiring of Brendan Conway as its new Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

In this role, Conway manages the Marketing team and oversees MCTS’ customer communication efforts. He will also help develop strategies to insure a cohesive brand and message across departments, while overseeing public relations and social media efforts to build MCTS’ brand and managing advertising campaigns to maintain and increase ridership. Conway reports directly to Dan Boehm, Managing Director of MCTS.

“I’m excited to have Brendan on our team; his energy, experience, ideas and fresh perspective will help us continue to move MCTS back to a ‘Best in Class’ transit system,” Boehm said.

Conway comes to Milwaukee County Transit after serving three years as Director of Communications for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. In that role he served as spokesperson for County Executive Chris Abele and helped drive communication efforts around County Executive Abele’s key initiatives, including improvements to parks, public safety and transit, as well as mental health reform and additional support and programs for veterans.  Prior to working for Milwaukee County, Conway spent 14 years as an award winning broadcast journalist, including eight-and-a-half years at WISN-TV in Milwaukee.
Hiring Conway is a surprising move by MCTS, especially given the way he has been trashing them in an effort to advance Boss Abele's efforts to privatize the entire system. It is also a surprising hire, given that only a handful of corporate Democrats even like the arrogant, adolescent Conway.

Perhaps MCTS thought that by hiring Abele's boy, they are buying some protection from Abele.  More likely they just hired a mole that will try to destroy them from the inside.

This move does leave another burning question though.

Now who will write Deanna Alexander's press releases for her?


  1. It's cute how you're a week late with this.Also it's *Brendan Conway..not Brenda

    1. I'm sorry, but Brenda doesn't exactly need breaking news status.

  2. Capper, thanks. Would be interesting to know if there's an increase in salary/benefits over what he was making. Also interesting that afaik, the county hasn't hired a replacement. If that's the case, at least several interpretations are possible.