Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Update On Jeff Simpson

As the readers of Cog Dis know, our friend and colleague, Jeff Simpson, had major surgery last week Friday to remove a cancerous tumor.  The surgery, thankfully, was successful an Jeff made amazing strides the first few days after the procedure.

Unfortunately, during the week, Jeff experienced some setbacks in his recovery.  The good news is that his doctors and nurses are well trained professionals and have Jeff moving forward (as in getting better, not Scott Walker's definition of forward) again.

If you are friends with Jeff, you have probably noticed him becoming more active on Facebook.  He has told me that he is eager to get back in the game and take on Walker and his nefarious allies.  So are we.

Jeff wants me to thank everyone who has wished him well, either online or in person.  He also thanks those that have made very generous donations to help support him and his family through these stressful times.

If you wish to donate, you can still do so here or using the PayPal button on the top right corner of this blog.

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