Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mike McCabe Weighs In On DPW Chair Race

Earlier this year, Mike Tate, current chair of the Democrat Party of Wisconsin, saw the writing on the wall and announced that he would not run for reelection.  Thus far, to the best of my knowledge, five people have announced their candidacy for this position.

Jason Rae appears to the establishment candidate and has the backing of the party machine and the corporate faction of the party.

However, another candidate, Jeff Smith, has picked up a significant endorsement, Mike McCabe:
Quite a few people who presumably are card-carrying members of DPW and are planning to attend the convention in June have asked me which of the announced candidates for state party chair best embodies the ideas in my book Blue Jeans in High Places. That would be Jeff Smith, by a longshot. Jeff knows how to relate to people in rural areas of the state that used to elect Democrats but now prefer the GOP. He not only knows how to talk to them, he’s shown he can win their trust and has been elected to represent voters in areas that have become so bright red. I can’t say I will vote for Jeff because I don’t have a vote in this election. I am not a party member and will not be a delegate at the convention. But I can say that Jeff Smith is without question the most “blue jean” of the candidates for state chair.
This could mean a significant change among the party members that are tired of the status quo.


  1. I have met three of the people running so far, and to me, Jeff Smith would be the breath of fresh air that DPW so desperately needs. I am glad to hear Mike McCabe is supporting him.

  2. So mike mccabe is endorsing someone for DPW?!?!?!


    To he was just crying little titty baby tears when he whined and complained that Democracy Campaign was bipartisen?!?!?!?!?!

    Of course, everyone knew that was a lie when he then put himself before the media every time the wanted a democratic party point of view.


    if mike mccade feels he is qualified to make proclaimations for chair DPW, then he knew full-well that he was lying about the stated purpose of Democracy Campaign.

    Yet he cried like a little baby when some funders withdrew support. Shame on mccade. He is not an honest man and he is not man-enough to own-up to his deceptions.

    1. It would be easier to take your complaints about McCabe and his endorsement seriously if you could type in half-comprehensible English.

      Also, I have to assume you're a Jason Rae backer, then?

    2. Nope -- they are all pond scum -- we will be dominated by walkerites for decades. The dem party doesn't stand for nothing in Wisconsin.

      Fighting Bob LaFollett was not a dem for good reason. It isn't my fault that mccabe is a little whiny titty baby. He was never a neutral party and neither was his faux Democracy Campaign which actually did nothing but copy the research of other campaign finance websites that actually had integrity.

      There is not reason anyone should give a darn who this guy endorses. The DPW will remain dysfunctional into the foreseeable future.


      Grammar cop troll @10:30.

      Would be easier to take your complaints about other posters seriously if you didn't pretend to be a grammar know-it-all.

      From a linguistic and grammar-correct perspective, your comment is barely readable. Guess expecting honesty from a McCade backer is too much.

      After all, your "hero" repeatedly lied about what the Democracy Campaign was all about.

    4. How exactly is my comment "barely readable?" McCabe (not "McCade", whoever that is) isn't my "hero", but I appreciate his comments on the topic at hand.

  3. March 3, 2015 at 9:40 AM


  4. Capper, I have met four candidates, I heard a Bob Carroll of Washington County is running as well, do you have a complete list?

    1. The four who are officially in are Joe Winecke, Jason Rae, Mary Lang Sollinger, and Jeff Smith. I have heard talk about another person entering, but am not sure if that was Bob Carroll or someone else.

  5. Why is it first of all that no one can get the complete list correct. The other candidate running is Stephen Smith, former Rep. First time I've heard of Bob Carroll but the others are all announced and I think have let the DPW office know.

    Second, Mike McCabe isn't even a freakin' party member! Never has been. And correct me if I am wrong, but memory serves that many years ago McCabe was a staffer for a GOP rep.

    1. Stephen Smith was the one I was alluding to, so thank you for confirming that he is running.


      Now we have a spelling cop!

      Man you dictionaries and spell-checker

      Keep your hands on home row! No typos allowed!

  6. Anon 12:28


    If he has no ties or interest in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, then just what is the point of Capper's post?

    Are you saying that those choosing a Chair for DPW should be taking marching orders from entirely disinterested nonpartisans?

    Even you know that is bullsh!t, right?

    And your point about McCabe working for a republican legislature:

    1. Surely you know that would have been a public service position where political affiliation did not matter and was not a party appointed position.

    2. Nice disinfo technique when you dropped it in the thread. You pulled this out of your arse, right?: "And correct me if I am wrong, but memory serves..."

    No one can question which side of the issues McCabe was on since 2011. He spoke at every large organized rally. He was the go-to guy when the media needed an opposing view to Scott Walker and other republicans.

    There is no reason anyone should give a hoot who McCabe thinks should be DPW chair if he is entirely nonpolitical and nonpartisan. Capper knows this, stating: "a significant endorsement".

    He even closes his post with: "This could mean a significant change among the party members that are tired of the status quo."

    Capper choose to highlight McCabe's opinion for a reason and this entirely contradicts your comment.

    And you know that too.

  7. None who've commented herein have any actual influence over the race in question-save for the individual vote allotted them. Doubtful anyone WITH actual influence would tolerate their opinions either. Which is why they're here, bathing one another in supposition and superstitious analysis. Rather than writing hash for a ragtag paper or magazine somewhere.

    So funny that despite this, they take themselves and one another SO seriously. Like three stranded miners arguing over who'll be President of the cave in.


    1. Yeah, we should all just lie back and accept whatever chum is thrown at us, right?

    2. No. You should lay back and realize that you never had an alternative to "accepting whatever chum is thrown".

    3. mmmmmmm...

      Fish heads, guts, blood, and various entrails...

      Stinky chum like Mike Tate...

      Crappy democrats and meaningless choice that all disgust...


      DPW reeking of old, discombobulated dead fish...


    4. I second the idea to have rotting pieces of fish and their blood & entrail be the chair of DPW.

      Certainly would be much better than Mike Tate!

  8. To the point that Mike McCabe is not a member of the Democratic party. He's not Green party either. Itdoesn't really matter.

    What matters is he is a progressive. There are many progressives who have or had no party affilitaion because they felt the DPW really does not represent them. There's been a groundswell of progressives that want change and it's not going to come with the revolving door of insiders.

    Mike McCabe, a non-affialted progressive has endorsed Jeff Smith, a Democratic progressive.

    Hope that clarmifies matters.

    And guys, please don't respond to the troll. Let her dribble on.

  9. Mike McCabe is and always has been a Democratic party member. The organization he worked for was non-partisan, that didn't mean he ever was.

  10. Democracy Campaign certainly was not non-partisan when McCabe was speaking at the protest rallies every chance he got and doing it as the head-honcho of the NOT non-partisan Democracy Campaign.

  11. Progressive??

    "McCabe, a former legislative aide to state Assembly Republicans....."

    Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/crime_and_courts/blog/q-a-mike-mccabe-determined-to-keep-shining-the-light/article_d95664ee-7060-11e1-9522-001871e3ce6c.html#ixzz3TSxcWWLM

  12. McCabe is more progressive than some Democrats, including Chris Abele and his sycophants, Mike Tate and Jason Rae.