Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scott Walker's Katrina Moment

On Tuesday, terror struck Wisconsin.

A white supremacist skinhead, Steven Timothy Snyder, robbed a bank in Wausaukee, Wisconsin. He also stole a car from one of the bank tellers.

After fleeing the scene of the crime, Snyder decided to switch cars. In his search of a new car to steal, he shot and killed Tom Christ, a 59-year-old, hard working, family man.

Snyder's crime spree ended in a shootout with police, in which he killed Wisconsin State Trooper Trevor Casper. Snyder was shot and killed by police.

Casper was a 21 year old trooper who graduated from the academy just three months ago and was on his first day of doing solo patrol:
Wisconsin State Patrol command staff members say Trooper Trevor Casper followed procedure to a tee as he approached what became a deadly situation near Fond du Lac.

Authorities say Casper, 21, was following Steven Snyder of Michigan, a bank robbery suspect who was also possibly a murder suspect, along Highway 41 to a Pick 'n Save parking lot in Fond du Lac. Casper had been contacting other officers who were arriving to the scene before a shootout took place between him and Snyder.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Rahn referred to Casper's actions before the exchange of gunfire as "textbook" law enforcement practice.

"I can tell you no other law enforcement officers were injured," said Rahn. "As far as the gunfire to other vehicles, I can tell you I'm not sure what other vehicles would have been struck by gunfire."

"I did see Trooper Casper fall to the ground," Captain Anthony Burrell says, fighting back emotion.

Authorities say officers on the scene administered life-saving procedures to Casper after he was shot, but he eventually died at an area hospital.
Governor Scott Walker had his staff issue a terse and impersonal statement the next day and on Thursday, he ordered flags at half staff for Trooper Casper and a soldier from Wisconsin that had also died.

One thing Walker couldn't or wouldn't do was tear himself away from the campaign trail to honor Casper or comfort his family. Instead, Walker continued pandering to the rich and ultra-conservatives, making stops for a private meeting with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday and taking in a photo op in Texas on Friday.

It reminds one of George Walker Bush, who felt that it was more important to party it up with John McCain than to worry about the folks in New Orleans who died or were left homeless from Hurricane Katrina, although obviously not on the same scale.

The fact that Walker would put his political aspirations before honoring the ultimate sacrifice made by a public servant in the line of duty should tell you all you need to know about what kind of person he is.


  1. He is an absentee landlord, and we his forgotten step children.

  2. Walker didn't come back and do anything because neo-nazis like Steven Timothy Snyder are an important part of his teabaggin' base. He's running for President, for pete's sake, can't be alienating these wacko wingnuts. He needs there votes and now there is one less of them.

    1. Exactly. Why bring attention to the RW hate crew that he needs on his side in the coming months?


  3. And exactly why is anyone surprised that Scott Walker doesn't give a shit about people unless they have an open checkbook?

    1. They shouldn't be. Look at how Walker treats his own children, forcing them to take time off from college studies to help Daddy get the White House. Absolutely selfish and disgusting. I feel sorry for those boys and Tonette. Tosa "friends" have long known that Walker lives life separately from Tonette. They have lived apart for years until recently. Walker's whole public persona is built on a house of cards. Lies, lies and more lies.

    2. Do not give Tonette any slack. She is a self serving bitch and as bad as our Gov. I have first hand knowledge of her and how she treats state employees.

  4. "Hypocrisy is the scarlet letter in politics."
    - Mark McKinnon

    Wear it, Capper!

    "Now, he is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard as crises in Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq and Syria all crest anew — and a St. Louis suburb is rocked by violent clashes between police and protesters."

    1. Winger quoting winger news, assuming that left leaning people automatically and fully endorse Obombya at every turn.

      Anony pulls the proverbially lame Prestegard pretzel logic proof loop. In knowing that Republicans are unwaveringly on topic and loyal issue adherents without the slightest deviation or evaluation, so therefore, lefties think and act the same as right-wingers.

      Nuance exists not for this pathetic parrot. The * well then, what about Obombya* meme is more even more pathetic, aside from being totally off the topic of the post.

      Small clue, along with the tiny violin for you Anony, the topic was SKW.

  5. Another excellent report, Capper. Thanks as always.

  6. It is likely more of a blessing and comfort to the family that Walker and his private guard have yet to show up anywhere near the family and PRETEND to grieve.

    Scooter would have had to have a script, would have had to acknowledge that his failure to lift the state's economy is in part a likely major contributing factor motivating blatant lawless act such as bank robbery.

    Obviously this would have been tough for Scooter to turn into a POTUS campaign event, so why bother with more than has transpired?

    Could we fairly guess the perpetrator may have been somewhat unbalanced psychologically or physically, desperately acting out where early intervention by a state government that cared about the welfare of people, may have prevented this and likely other tragedies from becoming reality?

  7. Wanker's own appointee looted a veterans' fund; should it really be surprising that — given a choice between honoring those who serve and lining his own pockets — Wanker chooses moolah over morale/ity every single time?

  8. If Obama had been in a similar situation and not shown up to honor the fallen trooper, the right wing media would be going insane. Walker gets a free pass from them, though.